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Ever since my date with Finn a fortnight ago, I've been inviting him to do things with my roomies and I.

But he always seemed to be busy.

And I suddenly remembered why I don't go for the jocks. We have nothing in common, and therefore nothing to talk about.

When I was but a little naive high school girl, I wondered how all my friends who dated could possibly talk to their boyfriends as much as they did. I even had one friend who would call her boyfriend before seminary. And I never understood what they would talk about when they had just hung up the phone hours before.

That was all before I dated Mr. Advice.

Before Mr. Advice and I even started dating, we would stay up for hours talking outside my apartment. Those late night talks were everything I had been looking for but never quite been able to put into words.

Since then, the number one thing I've looked for in a man is a good conversationalist.

Things came close with Sweater Guy. But no cigar.

Talking with Finn is like trying to pull teeth. Painful and bloody. Ok, that's a gross exaggeration (gross as in large, and as in kind of disgusting). Talking with Finn is more like a one sided conversation with myself. Occasionally he pipes in...occasionally.

It's just my luck that the few guys (by few I mean two) I've found that I could talk to for hours already have girlfriends.

Finn's emoticon laced texts are a welcome distraction I suppose, though I've never been the emoticon type of girl. And he did finally come over to hang out with us for four hours. Maybe he is interested... He did sit by me in Sunday School last week... And his texts are always so enthusiastic... But am I interested?

Perhaps my mission call will come this week.


-the Romantic

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Summer said...

I found a guy who I can talk to for hours...and he doesn't have a girlfriend... but he isn't interested. *sigh*