The Reformation: In Which the Coquette Makes a Glorious Return

7/03/2011 The Lady 3 Comments

Dear Readers,
First, let me beg forgiveness for my absence from this lovely blog. I have been on a hiatus. Not a hiatus from blogging per say, but a hiatus from men. Thus, I have not had anything worthwhile to contribute for your feasting eyes. But allow me to say this: The hiatus is over. It has been over two years. And finally it is finished.

I am The Coquette. So named for my flirty ways and mild promiscuity. But that was me two years ago. I was a Siren beckoning to men, and then I would dash them cruelly on the rocks. I didn't understand the power that I had, and I had no control over that power. It controlled me and it killed them. I can feel the burning of your judgment as I write this, and I am almost too ashamed to admit this character flaw.

"Oh, what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practice to deceive."
-Sir Walter Scott

However, I have since been reformed, or on the path to reformation at least. I may still be a Coquette, yes, but no longer a Siren. No longer a Temptress. No longer a Maneater. I did not take this hiatus from men purposefully, it just happened that way. I feel deeply that Providence had a great hand in my life during this time. I needed that period, to overcome myself, to be forgiven and forgive myself in return. And now I'm here. Ready and waiting to jump back into the dating pool with both feet. Not awkwardly hugging the ledge anymore. Not timidly testing the waters with the tip of my toe. I am jumping in. I am excited, nay, ecstatic. It has been a long time, and I feel an odd lack of confidence in my ability to be in a relationship with any man, but it is a nice feeling. It is a much more innocent feeling than I had before. A bashful, hopeful, flirty, intriguing excitement.

And now dear readers, I have a request of you. I have reached a bit of an impasse as to what I should write on this blog. I would like to know what it is you would like to know of me. My past is tangled and crooked {albeit intriguing} and to understand me, you may need to understand my past. How I became a Coquette. Is that what you would like to know? Or do you wish for me to start from the now? My new beginning. I will be pleased to entertain you with both, but I do wish to consider your opinions.

Allow me to add: I met Mr. Military a week ago. And I must say that I am smitten with him. Perhaps I am feeling a bit too patriotic, and perhaps he is just looking a little too dapper with his military hair cut, but my, he is quite the charmer. Although, I am not quite certain if he is interested in me. I used to be able to discern these things in a moment {during my Siren days}, but now I am so unsure. I've lost my powers! Oh well, it should be exciting.

You might not get another post from me for another week or so because I am returning to the homeland to "rough it" in the "backwoods." I'm just going to let Mr. Military stew for a while and let him really begin to miss my presence in his life. I will be back with the juicy details as soon as is possible.

Goal for the Week After Next: Woo Mr. Military. {All the while I will be chanting to myself, "Reform! Reform! Reform!"}

Con Amor,
The Coquette

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court said...

mmm. gotta love men in uniform ;)

zammity said...

If we get a choice...I choose both! Let us know about your past but also keep us informed on the present circumstances. Looks like you might have some secrets worth sharing.

Anonymous said...

Will you tell us what branch he is in? Army? Air Force? ROTC? National Guard?
I'd ask for a name, but I doubt you'd drop that.