Well I've gone and done it again

6/21/2011 The Romantic 0 Comments

From the very first moment I saw the boy who served his mission in Finland nearly two weeks ago, (who from here on will be known as Finn), I knew it was meant to be.

Ok, so I only knew it was meant to be from that I would creeper love him as I am wont to do. But I actually mustered up the courage to talk to him. And guess what! He talked back!

So this Sunday rolls around. I hadn't talked to him since the ward social when we first met. Since several of my room mates were MIA as they went home to the land of their fore father's for to celebrate the day of the men who fathered them, I figured it was the perfect excuse to sit next to him in Sunday School. I mean, I wasn't supposed to sit by myself was I???

So by him I sat. And then I had one of those moments. You've been familiar with these moments of mine in past posts. It's as if some confident, bolder, sexier, more divine version of myself takes a hold of my body, and I can't control what she does. Like the time she asked for a guy's number while stuck in traffic on I-15, or that time she texted a boy who left his number on an Easter Egg in her apartment.

It was as if some other being all together reached into my purse, with MY hands, wrote my number down on the Sacrament program, and then proceeded to hand it to him as we walked out of the Sunday School classroom.

And then, he didn't text me back. I felt like a leper all over again.

But then, he did text back! And the text included the word love, and a :-) (he only said I'd love to do something sometime if you're wondering about that first part)

And then today, he texts me right as I walk into work.

"I know it's short notice, but do you want to go to a movie right now?" he asks.

"Aww bummer. I just walked into work. Rain check? :-)" I reply.

And then I texted my roomie to tell her the good news. She called me immediately and told me that I just HAD to go.

So you know what?

I did.

I sent him a text that said I'd been in the office for about 15 minutes, and there was just plain nothing for me to really do.

My boss is out of town, and I can make up the hours later this week! (that's the great thing about being a TA)

So to the movies we went.

It wasn't the most magical date ever. Finn is definitely still in that awkward "I've only been home from my mission for a month" phase. BUT Finn does have super attractive fore arms, and hands. Which are my weakness. I'm such a sucker for a man with good hands. Hands that you just WANT, nay, NEED to hold upon seeing them.

I found a magic 8 ball in some apartment in my ward today, and then proceeded to ask it if I'd get to kiss Finn before I left on my mission. And it said, "Yes, definitely!" with an ! and all.

I'll take that.

Don't worry. He knows I'm going on a mission.


I think I'm over compensating in all my boy craziness before I have to give it up for 18 months.

ciao bellas,
-the Romantic

As my room mate would say in a loud grunt, "MMMM!" Leonardo knew what I was talkin' bout.

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