How to be Charming, Part 1

7/13/2011 The Charmer 1 Comments

Okay, as promised....
After three years of observation, my Roommate has decided to divulge what she believes are the secrets to my success when it comes to men.
I, of course, have some little tidbits of my own I would like to input, but I'll hand it over to her first.

The Charmer

As The Charmer mentioned in her last post, I have been an active observer of her love life over
the past few years. I’ve seen her woo and be wooed. From my observations, this is how The
Charmer manages to charm no fewer than five men per week:

Tip 1: Dress well.

Due to the nature of this blog, you have no idea what The Charmer looks like, so just trust me
when I tell you—she’s really cute. While she does have lots of natural beauty, The Charmer
does a lot to make sure she looks her best. She has quite the wardrobe and she has the golden
touch when it comes to making outfits. Even when she’s having a “bad hair day” or feels “ugly”,
The Charmer looks good. And men notice that.

Tip 2: Be Confident.

The Charmer has an air of confidence around her all the time. I have seen a lot of girls (and
guys) who act awkward whenever they are around members of the opposite sex, but not so
with The Charmer. She doesn’t pull out her phone, or laugh uncomfortably, or talk incessantly
when she’s around men. She is completely natural. This doesn’t mean that The Charmer is
never nervous to go on a date or even talk to a boy. It does mean that when she is with a guy,
all nerves are set aside and she acts like herself.

Tip 3: Smile.

Almost 100% of the time I am out with The Charmer, she is smiling. She is happy. She is
cheerful. Let’s face it—nobody likes a downer. And though The Charmer has some bad days,
she smiles far more than she ever frowns. Everyone is drawn to happy people, men included.

Tip 4: Be interested in other people.

The Charmer has a knack for asking questions. Unlike me, who will chatter on and on about
myself, The Charmer has learned how to show interest in others. Whenever we are with a
group of people, The Charmer will ask other people about themselves. People naturally love to
talk about themselves, so showing interest in what they have to say is a very attractive quality.

Tip 5: Get to know lots of different people.

In our time here at BYU, The Charmer and I have met a lot of different people, some of which
could be kindly referred to as “eccentric”. Quite a few of the eccentric men have shown a lot
of interest in The Charmer. Though the feeling is not usually reciprocal, The Charmer has taken
the time to go on a date or two with these guys and get to know them. A lot of girls want to go
on dates, but stealthily avoid the creepers and weirdos. While this is sometimes a wise move,
I think that part of The Charmer’s ease with men has come from taking the bad with the good.
She has spent time with a lot of different guys, which makes her more adaptable in the dating

This is not an all-exhaustive list, but there you have some of the main things that make The
Charmer such a charmer. I hope that my observations can help someone out there make some
positive changes in their love life. One last piece of advice—don’t think that you have to be
exactly like The Charmer to win over men. Be yourself, but be your very best self! Good things (and men) really do come to those who wait!

The Roommate

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Anonymous said...

So what do you have to contribute, Charmer?
love the advice though seriously its helpful. thank youuuu