Ex-boyfriends; can’t live with them…can’t kill them.

7/07/2011 The Blue Stocking 0 Comments

After reading about the Romantic's run-in with the ex, I instantly felt for her. I too coexist with my ex on campus and daily run-in's have become a hilarious part of my life. My experience this last semester has left me with some definite opinions on how one should handle the situation.....

All the classic villains die. It’s just a fact. At the end of the movie, you know that Batman/Superman/Spiderman is going to heroically escape while the villain plunges to his ultimate demise.

So why can’t your own personal villains die in some tragic yet hilarious way?

In my opinion ex-boyfriends share a freakish similarity to a movie villain and the world would be better if they ‘accidentally’ fell off a cliff.

But here’s how ex-boyfriend's are worse; unlike these movie villains, ex-boyfriends go on living and have the uncanny ability of becoming the bane of your day to day life. Just think how much nicer life would be if you could break up, and they would simply stop existing. No more text’s, no more run-ins, and definitely no more having to find new routes around campus.

Here’s the thing, it’s not like you still like him, it’s just the fact that you are now coexisting with a stranger who knows way to much about you; someone who has the power to make your world crumble whenever he sees fit.

So girls here’s my solution. Don’t hide. Walk right up to that manipulating, narcissistic, arrogant boy and smile because there will be nothing worse for him than finding out he no longer affects you….and killing will only earn you time in the slammer.

-The Blue Stocking

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