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This post is particularly patriotic, given the nature of this wonderful holiday we are celebrating. (And when I say patriotic, I only mean that I mention the word "politics" a number of times.)

So...I need to know. Is this terribly judgmental of me?

I met a guy this past week who was nice, fairly cute, and seemed like a pretty good guy. He piqued my interest enough that I made the effort to Facebook stalk him.

Luckily, he was one of those people who doesn't make their profile private...so I did a quick look through his pictures, looking particularly for any recently re-appearing girls. (There were none.) From his pics, he seems like one of those ambitious PoliSci majors who are set on becoming president. This threw me for a little loop at first but I figured I could handle it. Boyfriends who are potential presidential material might be fun to have around.

I finished the photo-stalk and was about to add him when I decided just to peek at his wall and see if there was anything interesting. The first status I saw was that he had decided to change his political affiliation to the party that opposes my own. And then there was status after status referencing politics.

I shook my head and closed the browser window. WITHOUT adding him.

Is that bad of me? I'm a person who can't STAND people who like to talk politics. Sure, I care enough to be informed, but I really hate discussing them. I especially hate discussing political issues with people who get really jazzed about them. And, well, it looks like we'd probably have some differing opinions, given his relatively new party affiliation.

I don't know. Maybe I should have given him a chance. I'm obviously judging a book by its cover. But still...from what I read, it didn't seem like I'd be particularly interested in him.

What do you guys think? Should I have added him despite his political zealousness?

The Charmer

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Emily said...

I say get to know him a little better in person, not via Facebook. Then if he's still cool, add him and just ignore his political posts haha.

Jori said...

I agree with what Emily said. The way a person appears online might be different from how he is one-on-one. This might not be the greatest example, but my dad is super cool AND super jazzed about politics, and I hate it, even though I have (mostly) the same views as him, because it can get really annoying, and I don't like discussing them either. So just get to know him in real life first, and then go from there.