Giving Scoot the Boot

7/25/2011 The Blue Stocking 3 Comments

Last night I went on the date with Scooter. All in all it went pretty well. He picked me up on his scooter, of course, and we went and got frozen yogurt (I may or may not be addicted to this frozen delight).

Afterwards we rode to the park and he conveniently pulled out a blanket and told me we were going to go "star gazing".

Smooth, right?

We spent about 3 hours talking and even I have to admit he's very charming. He said all of the right things, he really listened, and it was an equal share on the whole get to know you convo.

He even got me home at a semi-decent hour. (very unlike him)

Even though the date was ok, great if you count the fact he didn't try anything like he usually does (little fact, if you fold your arms it makes hand holding nae impossible).

But I still don't feel like we have a lot in common.

The next day he invited me to his birthday party and big shocker it was being thrown by a bunch of girls. I agreed and then he started talking about our future plans...ya. I guess these plans include dates where we don't get eaten alive by bugs, and he even started talking about setting our friends up with each other and double dating.

Maybe I was mistaken, but did I just walk into a relationship?

I immediately called in the roommates for advice and all of them were shocked that I had broken the one date wonder's dating habits. Before this point they all assured me that he was only after me because I was playing hard to get and the second I went out with him he would dump me like a Christmas tree on Dec 26th.

At this point I was really getting nervous. Scooter and I had really hit it off and I in no way wanted to offend him with the friend talk, but really friendship was the only way I could see our relationship going.

Then my roommate, Sara, who had also been invited out by the Scoot a couple weeks back came to my rescue by telling me my little casanova had been hooking up with another girl from the ward all last week...the same week he had been sending me cute texts about wanting to go out.

O Sweet Relief!

I got to the bottom of this many layered guy and, as disappointing as it is, he is exactly who I thought he was -- a scumbag.

Even though this new info leads me to doubt guys being genuine, the bonus is I no longer feel the need to protect little Scoot's feelings.

I did go to the birthday party mind you, I just invited Sara, I guess I wanted to see how well he could juggle us in the same room :)

Scooter played it cool and talked to me the whole time, he even told a friend about our future plans to double with him. Then it got quite uncomfortable when his friends who knew Sara came up and started making comments on how they approved of her, O poor Scoot. I figured this was the best time to leave and when he asked me what I was doing later I quickly responded "I'm sleeping."

What can I say he exhausts me.

Now Scooter is on his way home for a couple of weeks and I sincerely hope he decides to move on to someone else.

-The Blue Stocking

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Lydia N. said...

I'm glad you didn't get involved. Hate it when guys do that. I had a horrible date this last Friday. You know...I think I found someone worse than Mr. Collins. It's bold I know...but I think it's true!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, good for you. No need to be a security blanket! Don't let him play you.

Unknown said...

And that is how you successfully avoid.

-The Coquette