He was very charismatic....

7/18/2011 The Blue Stocking 4 Comments

Do you remember Scooter?

Well, last Saturday I was out and about with some friends when I started getting texts from him. Shocking because we haven't spoken since his blow up about me being busy all the time.

Ya I realize I didn't mention this, but last week he got upset with my "busy schedule". I'm willing to admit that if it was someone but Scooter I would try and make time. But I'm not about to cancel plans with friends and other guys to hang out with someone who's only calling me because some other girl didn't pick up.

He asked what I was up to and said he wanted to hang out so I decided to just go with it, after all what's the worst that could happen....

The date that wasn't a date turned out to be really fun. I know my type is awkward, but I have to say it was very refreshing to be with a guy who wasn't afraid to be touchy and just say that he likes me instead of taking months like "my type of guys".

I hate to admit it, but I think may actually like spending time with him...gulp

Does this erase the fact that he already has other girls who think they are dating him or the fact that he still texts my roommate to hang out, no.

Those facts just make me very realistic about the whole situation. I'm not stupid, I know very well that he has a lot of girls he calls on, but then again I have other guys too. I'm not imagining us riding into the sunset on that shiny red scooter, but I figure what's the matter with going on one little itty bitty date with him say Friday....ya I said yes.

What can I say, he has layers. No judgment ladies.

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Anonymous said...

Layers, so is he an ogre or an onion?

Lauren said...

see: http://twitter.com/ProvoAllstar

Heidi said...

No, I think he's a parfait :)

Bahahaha. Lauren,that completely made my day. Thank you! I sincerely hope he's not exactly like that guy, but like you I see some similarities.