"To Be Fond of Dancing Was a Certain Step Towards Falling in Love"

7/12/2011 The Lady 4 Comments

Mr. Cowboy caught me off guard then and there. He was a country swing dancer, a hopeless romantic, and I fell head over heels for his boots and tight Wranglers. {Too graphic?} It was altogether too easy to love his quirky small-town charm.
But he was dating someone else.

I admit that I did something drastic. I prayed to have the opportunity to date Mr. Cowboy. Perhaps it's not incredibly drastic, but it was incurably desperate. {Please say you've done that too!}

What happened next was nothing short of a miracle. Mr. Cowboy broke up with his girlfriend so he could date me.

Mr. Cowboy was the first guy I danced with in the rain. {In fact that was our first date. Planned? No. Adorable? Absolutely}.
Mr. Cowboy was the first guy to hold my hand.
Mr. Cowboy was the first guy to come to my window at one o' clock in the morning just because he wanted to talk to me. {If he wasn't so darn cute it would have been creepy}.
Mr. Cowboy still remains the first and only boy to ever give me flowers.
Mr. Cowboy was my first kiss.

There was a certain thrill in belonging to Mr. Cowboy. Most people didn't understand our attraction to one another {and perhaps we didn't understand it either}. He rode horses. I read Jane Austen novels {and nowhere does she mention cowboys}. He listened to country music. I listened to The Beatles. He wanted to watch 8 Seconds. I wanted to watch Sense and Sensibility. He drove a HUGE Dodge Ram 4x4. I drove a tiny Honda Civic. He wrestled cows. I wrestled...nothing. He could pick me up and throw me over his shoulder {what girl doesn't love that?}. There is no way I was carrying him anywhere. But we could talk/dance for hours. And that's exactly what we did almost every night for five months.

He told me he loved me.

I got scared. I ran. Right into the wily arms of Mr. Tennis.

I broke Mr. Cowboy's oh-so-loving and tender heart.

He shattered the windshield of his truck with his fist after I told him.

I still can't decide if I hurt him on purpose or if I just wasn't thinking clearly. I can probably claim both cases.

But before you label me as just a heartless guttersnipe, please know that hurting him was not only painful for him, it was excruciating for me. I was {am} truly sorry for what I did and believe me, I have paid for it.

That was four years ago. A lot of ground has been covered between Mr. Cowboy and me. There are still many pieces left of our story. He forgave me. Almost instantly. But by the time I realized that his forgiveness included giving me a second chance, I was already too enthralled with Mr. Tennis. Mr. Cowboy has given me many chances over the years. It's much too much of a story to all be covered now, but I promise to give you all those details at a later time.

Mr. Cowboy is serving his mission now. I am so proud of him. He's coming home in December. He made me promise him a date when he gets home if I'm not married or engaged.

Chance #453

I am afraid of letting this chance pass me by.

Con Amor,
The Coquette

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Kelli said...
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Kelli said...

I think your biggest problem is that you are afraid. You keep mentioning your fear.
Don't be "afraid" of letting the chance pass you by. Instead, be excited for the opportunity. Did you know that your brain can't tell the difference between fear and excitement? So don't be scared. Be excited.

I lost someone very important to me because I was afraid. And I don't think I'm going to be lucky enough to get 453 second chances.

So grab this chance by the horns (haha, get it, I'm referencing Mr. Cowboy) and hang on, even if the ride's a little more wild or scary than you were anticipating. ;)

Heidi said...

One thing I have learned in my life is that unless I feel like something is not right, then no matter how scared I might get, I should not let my fear stop me from doing anything. I'll admit, my fear stops me a lot when it comes to boys, but I'm working on that, and with other opportunities, I really don't let it stop me. If you know what you want and what is right for you, go for it, and if you're not sure, give it a chance at least.

Love your two types of boys. I love love love the cowboys! Being a cowgirl I guess that is natural. And I love love love the tennis boys!