Every young lady may feel for my heroine in this critical moment, for every young lady has at some time or other known the same agitation.

12/26/2011 The Blue Stocking 6 Comments

It’s Christmas time! So its home for the holidays, which means you are now surrounded by people who think it’s acceptable to ask you personal questions about your dating life simply because they knew you when you wore diapers. Swell, isn't it.

It’s not that the questions necessarily bother me…o wait they do ha ha.

The thing that’s really annoying about them is I have no answers for these inquisitive people. I don’t know why I don’t have a guy, I can’t pinpoint the reason I dated a tool {so named by my family}, and I have no idea how I've lived without a ring all these years at BYU.

A couple of days ago I was chatting with one of my really good guy friends. And we started talking about how obnoxious these questions are becoming. I told my friend that the biggest problem is I really don’t know what to say when they ask why I don’t have a boyfriend and that’s when he gave me this brilliant answer.

Just tell them you do, it’s easier. Say, “he has a trust fund like you wouldn’t believe. Of course he is handsome and intelligent and spiritual as well. He would be here right now, but he is finishing up a medical mission in Africa to get his application ready for John Hopkins medical school. He should be ok getting in though because his dad just built a wing on their hospital for poor children with cancer. We are incredibly in love.” That should take care of it.


Then I asked him what I would do when I couldn’t produce this prince charming, this was his response.

"He died in a fiery plane crash over Bangladesh when he was dropping off library books to poor children." Tragic, really.

And that is why we are such good friends.

Now I have my fabulous and shady lie and I wish you the best in coming up with your own…unless you want to go for the more truthful route. Anyhoo, best wishes and Merry Christmas.

-The Blue Stocking

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Anonymous said...

This guy friend seems promising. Maybe you should just date HIM...? ;)

Haha, this is funny! The poor cancerous children that I've been visiting in Africa have been asking me why I don't have a girlfriend. I haven't really known what to say, except for the fact that I am moving to go to John Hopkins Med School in April. I'm not technically in yet, but I will be.

I'm actually using my own trust fund to set up a trust fund for these African children. I've got plans to go start a medical mission in Bangladesh, but I've had some feeling that I should cancel that plan. Any reason why?

Sam said...

Lying is always the answer to those stupid questions ha ha

Summer said...

Hahaha, hilarious!

Jaclyn said...

Whenever my grandpa asks me if I have a boyfriend yet, I say, "Oh yeah, like ten" or something along those lines. I find blatant sarcasm usually shuts them up.

Anonymous said...

The answer should be yes and he's wonderful, but he's in the witness protection program and if we get married I will never be able to see my family again. So I'm just trying to make up my mind if it is better to say I don't have one or let everyone know that I do. Thanks for asking, I think I'll go cry now. Then simply walk away.