How I Met Mr. Darcy

7/20/2011 The Lady 8 Comments

Dear Readers,

You will recall that Mr. Darcy sent us this lovely email last week. You will also recall that yesterday was Tuesday, the day that one of us {The Anti-Austens} was to go on a date with this so-called Mr. Darcy. And so I {The Coquette} will relate to you how it came about that I was the Anti-Austen chosen to go and what this curious experience was actually like. I will do my best to be as honest as possible about this whole ordeal, and I know {as far as I can tell} that Mr. Darcy won't mind that one whit.

As I aforementioned, the email from Mr. Darcy came last week. All of us, as the Anti-Austens, were thrown into a sudden bubbling hum of excitement and wonder. "What do we do? What should we say? Do we go? Should we all go? This guy is pretty clever. What if he's a creeper?!?! This is legit! What if he's a jerk just trying to find out who we are?! If anything, it will be good blogging material right? Who does he think he is? Someone has to go even if all they do is creep on him. He's witty. He's daring. He's bold. Someone HAS TO go on a date with him!" See what I mean?

Mr. Darcy had included in his email, his phone number. I took it upon myself to contact him. I, by all means, was not going to be the one to go out with him. I thought he was arrogant and brash. I thought that him asking all of us out, but asking for us to choose which one of us went was conceited. I thought that he thought the world of himself. And to use Mr. Darcy as his pseudonym? Absurd! Pompous. So I texted him because I planned on saving my dear friends from this man if he was just too horrible for one of them to go out with. I admit that I am overprotective and always quick to judge. A flaw.

So I texted. And I even attempted to be a little distant and taciturn. I kept my guard up. There was no way he was going to trick me into thinking he was either nice or charming. I kept repeating this mantra to myself, "Don't be fooled. He's arrogant. He's conceited. Don't. Be. Fooled."

But good heavens I just couldn't help myself. He was just altogether too easy to converse with. His texts were not ever just "Yup" or "Sweet". He gave me actual replies. And the conversation was good. He was deep. And before I knew it, I was giving the girls the thumbs up to go on the date.

Now the only thing that stood in our way was choosing who would go. The Bluestocking was going to be out of town. So was The Charmer. That left The Romantic and myself. The Romantic {aka The Boss} decided that I should be the one to go since I had already been talking to him. Curse my overprotective fingers. I was dead set on not having to do this. Remember, I'm The Coquette. I haven't been on a date in...a long time. And a blind date? Never. With a boy who I was convinced was the direct descendant of Narcissus himself? No, thank you.

Naturally, I agreed. My stomach twisted and turned its merry way through Tuesday afternoon. I had to listen to "Unaccompanied Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major" several times just to keep myself from hyperventilating. Mr. Darcy warned me not to wear a hockey mask or brown paper bag to conceal my identity. I wished I had thought of that earlier.

I just hoped beyond all hope that Mr. Darcy would turn out to be a five foot tall, emo kid in skinny jeans so that there was not even the remotest of all possibilities that our personalities would work together. Apparently, The Fates never smile upon me because when I arrived at The Chocolate, a five foot tall, emo kid was not what I found. Not even close. Mr. Darcy had the audacity to be good looking. He had the nerve to be kind. And funny. And good at reading non-verbal signals {Brilliant!}. And easy to talk to. And smart.

And he wasn't even arrogant.

As first dates go {Confess it, all first dates are a little bit awkward. No matter what.}, it wasn't half bad. It wasn't even a quarter bad. Now that I look back with a "first-date-perspective" I can't think of a single thing that went wrong {minus my innate awkward personality}. Except I almost fell off the step as I was leaving. The Fates were watching out for me there.

I had been prideful. I had been prejudiced. And those two traits did not do him justice.

Con Amor,

The Coquette

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rebecca said...

You left out an answer to a key question. Will there be a second date?

Heidi said...

I second that!

Me said...

If you decide that you don't want him, I know someone who does... *cough, cough*

Unknown said...

Oh Ladies, you know, it all depends on Mr. Darcy now.

The Coquette

joe said...

Jolly good music choice! I heart cellos!

Heidi said...

The version of that song you posted is lovely, but I was wondering if you had ever seen/heard this one? I stumbled on this tonight and thought you might like it:

Unknown said...

Miss Heidi,
That video was great! Bach's Unaccompanied Cello Suite is definitely one of my favorite songs and is my designated calm down song. So thanks for that. But have you heard/seen this one?

Heidi said...

I have actually heard/seen that before. I love that song! That's one of those videos that I found (I found it a few months ago) and then listened to over and over and over again for a long time. I still do that sometimes. I'm currently doing that with The Cello Song too :)