The Hardest Decision of My Life

11/11/2011 The Anti-Austen 9 Comments

I have learned something over the past few days. There are many, many, many, amazing women who read this blog. I always thought you were amazing, but now I know. I want to thank all of you who participated in The Charmer’s contest for sharing a little bit of yourselves with me as I have with you. You’ll be happy to know that I’m pretty good at keeping secrets.

Now, I don’t know what time this will get posted tomorrow (or rather, today), but it is 3:25 AM as I write this and I’ve finally made my decision for the Murder Mystery Dinner. It’s safe to say that this has been one of the hardest decisions of my life. Also, when the courage comes, I prefer to ask a girl out in person (or at least over the phone –and not in a text). Since all I have are email addresses, this will have to be an exception. Forgive me!

Now, a confession. I would consider it a privilege to go on a date with many of you (one at a time, of course. I don’t think that’s what the Prophet has in mind when he says “group date”).

Now it’s 3:49 and I have work at 8:00. I think I should go to bed.

Goodnight, readers! Or rather, Good morning.

~Featherstone McGee

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Grace Miller said...

Oh dear. I included my cell phone number. How awkward!

Heidi said...

You know, you sound like a very sweet guy, Featherstone. I hope you have fun on your date. :)

Anonymous said...

I would have applied but, alas, that would have made it even harder for you! You're a good man!

I applied, but was rebuffed. :(

Yes, I forgot to mention that I have a strict "no dudes" policy. :p

Anonymous said...

Will you announce the lucky lady's identity in another blog post?

Lisa said...

Wow, this makes me want to make a mysterious identity and create a date application :p lol

Anonymous said...

The real question now is this: When are we going to see the blog post from the winner?

I'm not sure, maybe soon! I'm curious, too.