Introducing The Blue Stocking

7/06/2011 The Blue Stocking 0 Comments


I would like to introduce myself; I am The Blue Stocking, so named for my love of all things literature. If you’ve never heard of the blue stockings here is a history lesson for you.

In England in the 1700’s women of society were beginning to express their boredom with being sent of to embroidery, rather than being invited to engage in conversation with men. These women formed the Blue Stocking Society and invited learned men to gather informally with them to talk about books, literature, art, as well as places and events that interested them. They were described as, “always being ladies, never pedants, they regarded life with intelligence and common sense, formed their own opinions, followed their own tastes; and accomplished something towards the ideal of a gay and frank comradeship with brilliant and learned men.”

With some minor adjustments, the previous quote can serve to accurately describe myself.

“always a lady, never a pedant, she regards life with intelligence and common sense, forming her own opinions, followed her own tastes; and accomplishing something towards the ideal of a gay and frank relationship with a brilliant and learned man.”

I conclusion, I am the Blue Stocking.

Now my dating life is an open book and I hope you enjoy it, I know I sure do.

- The Blue Stocking

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