A Bit More Encouragement

7/11/2011 The Charmer 1 Comments

Ah, Belle. I'm so glad you asked us for advice!

You probably read the email she sent us Anti-Austens in which she asked for some help getting a few more men into her life. If not, scroll down just a tad and you'll see it.
(PS....we love emails! Send us more!!)

Anyways, I've decided that the perfect person to answer her question is...

...my roommate.

I know, I know, you were expecting me to say that I had all the answers for you. I am known around here as "The Charmer", after all.
I wish I had a clear-cut formula for you on "how to make men fall in love with you". I really do. But despite the fact that I somehow manage to charm lots of boys, I don't exactly know how I do it.

However, I have a roommate who's been watching me for 3 years now. Despite the fact that she's a fiery, funny, and fantastic girl, she usually finds herself at the shallow end of the dating pool. And because of that, she's been determined to figure out what it is that I do to win guys over.

So, Belle, and any other curious ladies...I'm going to turn it over to her. And she's going to give you a lowdown on "How to be Charming." I'll interject my own advice here and there, but I feel like it might be more helpful to hear it from her, someone who's watched me time and time again as I work my magic.

Just a little patience. The posts will be up soon. :)

The Charmer

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Belle said...

Ah, I'm so impatient! But thank you! I'm eagerly awaiting her response!