Accidental Cuddling

7/13/2011 The Charmer 1 Comments

So...last night I went over to watch a movie with the boy I mentioned a few posts back. Remember, the frustrating one? The one that I couldn't figure out?

Well, I thought I had finally figured him out. He told my roommate that he wasn't interested in me. (Not like that, anyways.) And I realized I wasn't really interested in him, either. But we'd still hang out. We'd still chat all the time. I even gave him a pep talk before his date with the lovely lady he's actually interested in.

And then last night....

...I accidentally cuddled with him.

Yeahhh. Whoops.

Keep in mind that non-committal cuddling is not something that I do. The only boys I've ever cuddled with were boys that I was dating. And NCMOs? Never.

But then last night, I somehow found myself cuddling with The Friend. He's always been a pretty touchy guy, but then last night he was touchier than usual. And...then his arm was around me. And then he was pulling me in closer. And then we were cuddling.

And...I realized that I definitely wasn't interested. 1, because our cuddle session didn't make me feel the way that cuddling with a boy you actually like usually makes you feel, and 2, because I was thinking about The Ex.


I wasn't really into it. And I wasn't quite sure how I got into that situation in the first place. Afterwards, I was mostly left with a feeling of What just happened here?!

He sent me a text afterwards that said, "I hope the fact that we cuddled a little doesn't ruin our friendship. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have let that happen. I hope it didn't ruin what we have--I enjoy our talks and the time we spend together."

I told him it was okay.

But is it?

And...what now? Can I really hang out with him if I'm worried he's going to pull something like that?

The Charmer

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Anonymous said...

I totally have a guy friend like that too! At first, it really threw me off because he has no boundary/bubble space, but now I know that's just how he is. We are such good friends that it doesn't really bother me anymore, we're just closer/more comfortable with each other than I had expected. Lol.