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7/10/2011 The Blue Stocking 3 Comments

Do you know those charming guys, the ones who know exactly how good looking they are and the effect they have on women. Yes, well those guys are not my type. My type is the cute awkward guys who are smart, hilarious, and very very kind.

Introducing Scooter. Scooter is the new guy in the ward who is attractive, funny, and all of those other qualities that make you go weak in the knees.

Unfortunately, Scooter knows he is all of these things and with the use of his romantic little scooter he is seducing girls left and right

Naturally Scooter has a very loyal fan club of girls and believe me he takes full advantage of it. He can often be found taking girls out for rides...cheesy, yes; effective, double yes.

So let's just say Scooter and I have been going on a lot of rides. During this time I confirmed the fact that I do not like guys who KNOW they are attractive, charming, and all. Don't get me wrong I think Scooter is hilarious and I would love to be his friend...his friend that he doesn't hit on.

How do I get the friend part across to this guy who does not ask me on dates, but wants to have awkward hangout time where he feels the need to bust moves on me?

It's been months and all I've accomplished is making him think I am coy and playing hard to get. I don't get it, he has plenty of girls who are in love with him, why is he so obsessed with the one girl who isn't?!

It started out slow, the occasional hangout texts, but now we've entered "I'm texting you every night" territory.

These texts make me feel trapped and give me the intense desire to hide, especially since I've decided alone time needs to be completely axed (I won't get into too many details on the why's of this decision, but just believe me when I say it's getting uncomfortable for me).

I know you're probably thinking I am being completely ridiculous and well you have a point, I am.

I really don't know what to do.

If I make a bold statement of "I do not want to date you, STOP TEXTING ME." He could easily respond with complete denial of any feelings or attempts to date me.

O Men and their tricky non dating, but kind of dating tricks; they confuse the chocolate out of me.

So I'm trying to play it cool....and by cool I mean every time I get a text I'm sprinting through my house, ducking under windows, trying desperately to make him think I'm not home.

So far

Hangouts 6
Clever excuses 15

The thing is he is very insistent that I go places with him and he is very used to getting his way.

Scooter: "Come hot tubing :-)" (A.K.A Half naked cuddle time, no thank you)

Me: "Actually I'm going to the movies"

Scooter: "Movies are lame, come hot tubing :-)" ( did I mention he overuses the smiley face, it's weird and frankly no one is that happy)

Me: "I really want to see this movie, sorry maybe next time"

Scooter: You're coming right"

Me: ""

Scooter. "Ya you're coming, we're outside come"

Me: “No, have fun though”

Scooter: “Can I steal you after?”

Me: “Um…sure ha ha (nervous laughter I might add)”


Basically, I've gotten to the point where I don't care how cute and charming he is, I refuse to be trapped into going places when I don't want to.

But why do guys do this? What is with the incessant, controlling, confusing, touchy hang outs?

- The Blue Stocking

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anna said...

It sounds like he's coming after you basically because you are the one girl who DOESN'T just fawn over him. (A ridiculous attitude on his part.) It's like he NEEDS to make you admit you like him and then he'll be satisfied. He'll have to give up eventually . . . Right? For your sake, I hope the answer is yes. Best wishes!

Stephanie said...

sheesh. At that point don't even text him back. Good luck trying to make such a cocky guy a friend!

Danielle said...

That. Is. So. ANNOYING.
Stick it to him. If you don't want to hang he should respect it, not insist that you do something you don't want to.