Will you wait for me?

9/04/2011 The Romantic 4 Comments

Well dear readers, it's time for me to bid you adieu.

I can't thank you enough for your support this past year and a half. I've loved writing.

I'll miss you dear readers. Really I will.
I mean you've been with through it all with me.

The bad dates.
The good ones.
The boyfriends.
But especially the break-ups.

And of course all the funny bits in between. (click, click, and click)
But it's off to labor in Korea now!

So while I study my little heart out in the MTC (trying my best not to flirt with the little Elders) and then move on to Korea, think of me from time to time. Because I'll be thinking of you too.

Love always,
the Romantic

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Kelli said...

We'll miss you!! Have an absolutely fantastic time on your mission, and we'll be excitedly awaiting your return :)

Anjelica said...

Goodluck Romantic! I will def miss you!

The Charmer said...

Oh, dear Romantic, we will miss your heartfelt stories and your witty thoughts. Best of luck in Korea.

Summer said...

We'll miss you! Good luck! Have an awesome mission :)