Creeper Lovin'

12/16/2010 The Romantic 1 Comments

Creeper Loving: verb 1. To love someone in an unrequited stalker-like manner

example: I creeper love my my home teacher.

Awhile ago, some friends and I coined the term creeper love. It's a little bit more than a crush, but not the "feelings" stage. You know this person is not really your type, and things probably wouldn't work out. So you love them from afar. And even find yourself staring at them during the ward Christmas party..... awkward....

I creeper love this guys' apartment in the ward. I know I'm not really compatible with any of them. But I find myself in fits of giggles whenever I'm around them. And yeah, I've definitely been touching their elbows....

What will I ever do with myself?

-the Romantic

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Anonymous said...

Haha I know exactly what you mean!!!! Nice term, I applaud you. Maybe we'll start using it in my apartment... we definitely have a lot of creeper love going on.