Things I Have Learned

9/20/2011 The Charmer 5 Comments

Things I Have Learned About Myself in Regards to Dating & Relationships:

1. I am a terribly indecisive person when it comes to making up my mind about whether or not to date someone.
This one should have been obvious, as I have 3 "favorite" candy bars and no favorite genre of music and I always take at least 5 minutes deciding what flavor of Jamba I want to get. But it's becoming a lot more apparent recently that I really am not good at making up my mind when it comes to boys.

2. When I finally make up my mind--a difficult task for me, as previously noted--something else usually comes along to make me question my decision.
That "something else" in this boys.

I had finally decided Yes, I'm going to pursue Masimo. I want to date him. I'm going to give up these other boys and go for him.

And then who should enter the picture but a whole handful of fantastic boys.

There's The Coworker, who I really enjoy spending time with. We just clicked--we have fantastic conversations and I love talking with him. Plus, he's an incredibly genuine, good guy. Oh, and did I mention he drives a motorcycle? Hot. He took me on a ride up the canyon on Friday and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was exhilarating to be on the back of that bike, but it was almost equally exhilarating to be in his presence.

There's also Mr. Complimentary, who slipped me a note in my ballroom class while dancing. Smooth, right? In a nutshell, the note basically said that he'd be really interested in getting to know me better and that he'd like to go out to lunch or something like that. He put the ball in my court, though, by giving me his number and asking me to call him if I wanted. He's definitely the best dancer in the class and I would like to get to know him better. He seems super fun, and I really do enjoy dancing with him.

There's Mr. Director, who's very cute, funny, and who was an EFY counselor. I have to confess that I have a special place in my heart for EFY counselors. I just adore them. I've only talked to him a few times, but he's definitely caught my attention...and my eye (because hey, the kid's cute.) I know I'll be seeing him pretty frequently because we're in the same weekly club, but I'd kind of like to get some one-on-one time with him.

And then...
...there's Piano Man. Even if I only had the three afore-mentioned guys in the picture, I'd be fine. I'd still be set in my decision to go for Masimo. But Piano Man is the one who's really screwing things up.
He was not supposed to happen.
I've only known him for a couple weeks but I've spent a lot of time with him. Sure, he's goofy, but I really enjoy being around him. We have an extremely open, honest relationship and I literally can tell him anything. I've shared some very intimate details of my life with him--things that I don't usually share with people I've only known for two weeks. I just find it so easy to talk to him. I knew he was interested, but I didn't consider him anything more than just a friend.
But this weekend I realized that maybe, just maybe, he'd become more than that to me.

3. I'm beginning to understand why monks take a vow of celibacy.

The Charmer

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Laurel said...

Welcome to the world of dating. It seems that either when I'm definitely not wanting to date, or starting to like one guy, that 5 other guys will show up. Where are they when I want them around? Never there. Enjoy it. These are the times when the stories get good. :)

Summer said...

I'm expecting some good stories out of this :) Good luck deciding! And while you're at it, be happy you have lots of variety to choose from- after all, that's what makes life fun.

The Cynic said...

sometimes it's too bad mormons don't have monks or nuns isn't it? after the "menace to society" age we could just join a convent! :D

Anonymous said...

I agree with the monk/nun thing. That would make life a lot

Anonymous said...

What I would give to feel like that! All I know is that there is one girl who I like who doesn't like me back so we're just friends. On the bright side, I won't have any problem focusing on my mission.

--The Introvert