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3/31/2011 The Romantic 1 Comments

I really should be editing an English paper right now....

But I'm not.

Everyone has been telling me to make a chart of all the boys in my love life... SO I did that instead of my dumb English paper. I think it was a better use of my time. Right?

(Click to enlarge)

Our Dear Sir: I know you all were hoping for an epic love story here. Well guess what!? There turned out to be one! It just wasn't mine. Our Dear Sir and Shy Guy are actually one in the same. From what I understand, he has found someone that he gets along with quite nicely.... Who needs match.com when you have the Austen blog, right?

Egg Guy: As I mentioned before, we met at Good Girl's birthday party. He left his number on an egg. I texted it. Next thing you know, I have a date. It went really well. So he asked me out again for this Friday. And I said yes.

Mr. Ute: I also met Mr. Ute at a birthday party. (I know it's confusing, but you're following right?) We text all day long. It's great. He adores his nephews; which I adore. He drove down to see me on Sunday night. And then we had a date at Velor on Tuesday (this also might be confusing because my first date with Egg Guy was also at Velor last Friday). But this date was even better than the one with Egg Guy. You probably don't want all the mushy details right? Well, I'll write a few just to quell the requests of those who do. As we listened to the sweet tunes of Rocky Votolato, Mr. Ute stood behind me, hands on my shoulders while gently crooning the melodies into my ear. And then later he wrapped his arms around me, enveloping me in one of those hugs from behind that are just absolutely my favorite. After the concert's end, we met up with the rest of the people in our group, and he just leaned down and kissed the top of my head. (CUTE) Later in the car, he grabbed my hand, thanked me for coming, and then promptly kissed the back of my hand. Can you see why were all rooting for him?

But remember how there's still that date with Egg Guy this Friday night?
After much deliberation with several people, I decided to talk to Mr. Ute about it. It went well. He said he knew we'd only been out on one date, but he hopes I know that he likes me and would like take me out on more dates.

umm. ok. I'm very much a fan of that.

Last night we skyped because Salt Lake is sooo far away. There are literally mountains between us. Lame. But we are going to meet up sometime to watch conference for a session or two this weekend.

So have you got it all sorted?

Because I think I do ;-)

-the Romantic

ps. What about the mission thing? Well, we aren't telling him about that... I'm not leaving for a good six months anyway...

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Heidi said...

did you get a mission call yet?