I'm in Time Out.

9/19/2011 The Blue Stocking 5 Comments

Tonight frustration comes in many forms: three to be exact.

1.Having the ex ask why we don’t hang out anymore, especially since we know everything about each other…there are no words and too many all at the same time.

2.Having the guy I’ve known for years plan out our future together while I find myself liking someone else.

3.Continuing to go on date after date meeting and repeating the same hour intro; name, major, home town, favorite movie, favorite book, favorite music…energy and wit wither under such strain.

I need a time out little league soccer style.

Just a brief second to sit on the bench, eat my Little Debbie snack, and drink my Capri Sun. It doesn’t need to be long, just some time to breath, to revitalize and to emotionally prepare for another half in ‘the game’.

Tomorrow I’ll be better: I’ll be bubbly, happy, and optimistic. But tonight I’m benched.

-The Blue Stocking

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Jori said...

Dating sucks, plain and simple haha.

Anonymous said...

Well then, let's go on the simplest, no-commitment date. We'll dink around in the park with a soccer ball. We'll sit on a bench, eat a Little Debbie snack [I'm partial to Star Crunch], drink a Capri Sun, relax, and emotionally prepare for another week of school.

We can sit and discuss unconventional date questions. I too tire of the standard banter. Let's have some fun with this.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Anonymous that sounds wonderful {I too am partial to star crunches}.
- The Blue Stocking

Anonymous said...

Except there are no time outs in soccer. There's a half time- but mostly because soccer is played in two halves, not quarters.

Anonymous said...

Nicole says...

I think she was talking about little league soccer. In my glory days we had plenty of time outs to rest our little legs.