Greetings from California!

5/31/2011 The Romantic 2 Comments

I know you all probably think I live this gloriously, sunny, adventurous life here in good old CA. But the the truth is, it's actually been a bit boring.

The Boy Next Door did meet me at the airport with my brothers. He's so adorable. But I could never date him. He's too much like a brother too me. I also think he's still in the "I'm afraid to talk to girls" post mission phase. As if I'm dangerous at all! (Insert sly winking face here)

I did go to a YSA dance last Friday night. I was horribly disappointed, and found myself quite longing for my boys in Provo. The boys here just seem to take everything so seriously. For example, rather than risk a girl getting the wrong idea by asking her to dance a slow song, they're just content to stand against the wall. So I didn't get asked to dance once. Neither did any of my friends. And it's not like we looked like we had leprosy or anything, (though, that has been an issue in my past).

I did take great pleasure in seeing another boy I grew up with however. This boy, the studious one, went to the same elementary school I did. And though we were separated by the invisible line that divides the upper grades from the lower grades (he being in 6th grade, me being in 3rd) I swore I was in love with him. This crush faded over time. But I still think he believes I've harbored feelings for him all these years. I don't of course! I said hi to him at the dance. He didn't recognize me at first. But then I got the "man, BYU has been good to her" look that I get so often these days.

That's about all the news I have for today folks.
Happy Memorial Day (a little late)
-the romantic

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David said...

As a boy who has been told I'm "like a brother" to many girls I can vouch that it is not a good place. It is the place that a boy goes when he really likes a girl and is trying his best to impress her, but she is too afraid to let him down. Please don't be that girl. He will end up resenting you.

the Romantic said...

Oh! Don't worry, I'm sure he feels the same way about me. I would never be that girl. I've been told way too many times I'm like a sister.