How We Got Married Because of a Blog: A Guest Post

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So, a couple months ago I (Shy Guy/Dear Sir) found this blog and gave a guest post about a girl I had met in my ward. Little did I know that she would find this blog and write her own post on a different blog. That post was then linked on this blog. I found it and the story goes from there. We started dating and...well, I’ll let “not-so-shy-girl” tell the story from here.

Okay, so Shy Guy is kinda bad at telling stories. His nut-shelling abilities are exceptional, but since when do people want the nut-shell’d version of things?! Yeah. Thought so.

Well,on the first day we were officially dating, I had already read the blog and had been sitting on this giant egg of information for about 48 hours. We had gone to the Festival of Colors the day before and the entire day I was psychically telling him to hold my hand and keep me close (since it was rather blustery that day if any of you attended). But he didn’t, but that might’ve been because I unwisely invited a guy friend up to alleviate the pressure for me and for Shy Guy. But it turned out the guy friend was competing for me! So that was a poor choice all-together. And the day didn’t turn out as glorious as I was hoping.

But back to the official day we started dating. There was a “break the fast” that afternoon and by that time, my blog post had been posted and linked on this blog. So I figured that I would know if Shy Guy had read the blog by seeing one of two reactions: if he was calm and stoic, then he had not read it. But if he was all flustered and blushing, then he’d read it already. So I went to the dinner and saw him sitting at a table and went to join him. He seemed calm enough so I just figured he hadn’t read it yet. Long story short, we ate and sat for a bit and then I asked if he wanted to go on a walk. And he agreed.

As we walked, I kept my hand out of my pockets, seeing if maybe he’d take his chance now. But no such luck. We chatted for a bit and then it looked like it was going to rain. So we circled back and stopped on a bridge where I decided to bring up this blog.

Me: So...I have a confession to make. I read the Anti-Austen blog.
Shy Guy: So do I.
Me: Well, then you know that I read your blog post.
Shy Guy: Well, I also have a confession to make...I read your response blog.

Neither of us remember exactly what happened after that except that he did, indeed, hold my hand and we continued walking since the rain that was there was gone suddenly. And we haven’t stopped holding hands since (literally and metaphorically).

ShyGuy back, let the nutshell ensue. We continued dating and got to know each other, we had some up times and down times. Mostly up times though. We had some important talks during that time one of which I will actually go into some detail about. Each Sunday we would take that same walk that started this relationship. On one such walk I made a comment about how I wanted to keep her forever. That was the first time that either of us had hinted about something permanent with this relationship, something that most people would call marriage. It took a couple more days of hinting from both of us before I got up the courage to actually address it. Now, understand that I hesitate to tell the next part of this story but she says I have to and that she insists that it’s cute so I will. We were sitting on her couch and I pulled out my itouch which had a picture of us on it. I showed it to her and said “I was thinking about this picture yesterday and you know what I thought? That is a girl I could spend the rest of my life with.”

Not-So-Shy girl here again. What Shy Guy fails to mention is that we named the topic of marriage Harold, since I called it the big “elephant in the room” topic. And he was adorable. But I’m okay with him not being there. And so with that cute little anecdote and a little bit of technology, we had outed our secret that we both wanted to marry one another. We started talking more and more about the things that couples need to talk about when it comes to marriage and we even went ring shopping. I pointed out a couple of rings I liked and left the rest up to him. Later on in the week, I had scheduled our temple date and so all that needed to happen was for there to be physical evidence of our intentions: the ring.

Shy Guy, being me, went the very next day to buy a ring and then proceeded at every reference that Not-So-Shy girl made to a ring to make it sound as if I really hadn’t thought much more about the subject. I had intended to call her dad before I officially proposed but she said he was busy during the week so I waited until Saturday to call him. Little did I know that her family was going to be out of town so I tried calling him a couple times and left two messages and then just hoped he would call back before our dinner that night. Well it got to be about six thirty and no call yet so I figured that I would have set up this nice dinner for nothing but just then my phone rings and it’s her dad, so I excused myself and talked with him for a little, and then came back inside and we left to dinner. Once we got there everything goes normal and we have dinner and dessert and then before we leave I fish in my pocket for the ring and slide out of my seat onto one knee and ask her if she will marry me.

(Back to me, Not-so-shy girl)-I’m pretty sure I didn’t even say yes when he asked. I said something along the lines of “oh my gosh!” and watched as he put the ring on my finger. The restaurant witnessed our tender little moment and I was giddy the rest of the night.

So,here we are. Sitting on our beloved couch at Not-So-Shy girl’s apartment, writing this blog post. The ring sits on her finger and we have our date set for August. It’s gonna be a crazy couple of months from here on out. But we couldn’t be happier.

That, our dear readers, is how we got married because of a blog.

OMGOSH! Crazy huh? Are you freaking out in the same dramatic manner I was when I found out our very own Shy Guy was getting married. We watched their love blossom right before our very eyes on our computer screens! In true Jane Austen fashion, there is a couple living happily ever after, and we here at the Anti-Austen couldn't be happier for the lovely couple. (It's worth the 3 posts in one day right?)

Happy FHE!

-The Anti-Austens

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Heidi said...

Oh my gosh this is so cute! I love it! I wish that could happen to me! :) btw, I just started writing my own blog. You guys should read it :)

Heidi said...

Court said...

This is so amazing!!! Super awesome to watch it unfold. Congratulations!

Kelli said...

Aww, I LOVE this!