Need Cheering Up?

5/18/2011 The Romantic 2 Comments

It's so dreary and gray outside... I guess we can take consolation in the fact that it means the mountains will be particularly green in a couple weeks. Right?

Well just in case the thought of green mountains doesn't cheer you up, check out this adorable proposal story.

My roomies were pumping me up all yesterday to go and talk to that European Studies major that I met at FHE on Monday. And I just couldn't do it. I chickened out. I even had a really good excuse. He's selling these shoes he brought back over from the last time he was in Bulgaria. And I want a pair. Yes, I would spend 10 bucks to buy a pair of shoes just to talk to a guy. Also, they're cool shoes. But I am bound and determined to talk to him! My roomies forbade me from starting up anything causal over facebook chat. So I guess I have to do this in person... GAH. I realized I haven't really freaked out over a guy like this since Sweater Guy. As in, I think I think a guy is so unbelievably cool he will never want to talk to me in a million years. This may be good for me though, I should talk to him. Even just to be friends. I bet he has some cool stories.

However, I've found a lacking in my confidence department lately. I never heard from Egg Guy ever again. I think I must have scared him off.

Such is life right?

Happy Wednesday
-the Romantic

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Heidi said...

That proposal is too cute! That was impressively creative :)

Kelli said...

This is embarrassing...

But I just watched that proposal a few minutes ago and I cried.

Yeah. Seriously.

But I loved it :)