The Land of Side Hugs

5/21/2011 The Romantic 3 Comments

The scene: Stake dance, Wilk Ballroom

I walk towards the water table, thirsting for a drink, when I notice Mr. Collins also getting a drink. I pretend not to see him as he's with another girl.

He approaches me anyway.

"Are you having fun?" he asks.

"Yeah. Are you?" I reply.

"Yeah. Are you still on for tomorrow night?" he shoots back.

"Yup." I say.

"Have you been looking forward to it all week?" he then asks.

Uhhhhh. No. I have not. Secretly I've been dreading it. I've also tried convincing my best guy friend in the ward to ask Mr. Collins if he can double with us (they are room mates). But to no avail. My best guy friend in the ward's dad is in town. So he's busy. And I also don't think Best Guy Friend in the ward sympathizes with my plight at all.

"Yeah!" What else should I have said? Yes is the only reply one can give to a question like that.

"Me too!!" He replies enthusiastically while embracing me in one of the most awkward side hugs of my life.

I need to stop being such a baby about this. But he seems to be one of those guys that if you show any friendliness at all to, he'll think you like him. So I'm just worried that my standoffish-ness combined with his social unawareness will lead to an interesting night.

Wish me luck!

-the Romantic

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Camille said...

i've been there! just remember to think of the great blog post it will make!

Kelli said...

Hahahaha! Yes! I love awkward boys.

Anonymous said...

Have I mentioned that I love this blog? Well, I do. I love this blog. :)