A few items of business: In which the Romantic describes her glorious weekend, and her ex-boyfriend's sorrows among other things

5/04/2011 The Romantic 1 Comments

Great title huh?

Nervous fits gripped me all last week when I realized that I was going on a trip with a boy I've been in like with for the past year. I almost didn't go I was so nervous. But I am most sincerely glad I did. Not that anything happened. Actually, that was the one downside to the trip. Of course I wasn't expecting any ardent declaration of his affection towards me. But there was no flirtatious glances as there had been several days previous. It was quite disappointing.

I did "fall" asleep on his shoulder in the car on the way home though.

Upon returning home, he got even more distant with our apartment. Two days before, we were all best friends, and now he's being weird (for lack of a better term). My roomie even noticed it. She thinks he's building walls because he's leaving. Which I think is quite possible. And will leave any future relationship for me to fantasize about only in my dreams (which actually happened Sunday night. I dreamed Mr. Perfect was my boyfriend. I don't remember the details. Just that I was sad to wake up).

Monday night, I was standing with The Eccentric One at FHE. I apparently lost the volume control over my voice that night because I was declaring the most ridiculous things in my outside voice, not realizing who was close enough to hear. One of them being, "Ok, goal for tonight: stop staring at Mr. Perfect longingly. I'm sure he's super creeped out." She begins laughing, and as I turn around, to my utter chagrin, Mr. Perfect is standing much closer than I realized, having moved backward to catch a football he was playing with. (Insert forehead slap here) we don't think he heard.

In other news, Mr. Ute and I texted this morning. My bad.
His feelings were hurt that I went on a trip with some random guy a few days after we broke up. His feelings are valid I agree. He told me he misses me. I do care about him. But I just don't feel the same way. It's good we broke up.

There are lots of new boys in the ward. It's my favorite game to guess all the little couples that will sprout up. They should make it an inter-mural sport. I'd be in the top bracket for that.

Did you read the post from our new lady-in-writing, The Charmer? I'm very excited to have her on the staff. I've been reading her personal blog for awhile now and I have a feeling that she's going to have great stories to share.

Well, I should be working right now... Yikes. This wasn't supposed to take this long...

Have a glorious day my lovelies,
-the Romantic

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joe said...

I want to meet "the eccentric one."
To be honest, glancing at this blog and reading things like miss new-in-town posted set my teeth on edge. There's a definite lack of content from el eccentricities though. That's who I want to hear from (and meet, but like that'd ever fly :P)