"I don't know how-but this boy's got you nailed"

5/10/2011 The Romantic 1 Comments

The oh so true words of my dear roomie while texting me this afternoon about Egg Guy.

Do you remember how torn I was between Mr. Ute and Egg Guy? (who needs a new nick name by the way... had I realized he would play an actual role in my dating life, I would've have picked a better name. Ideas?)

Well, we've struck up a few comments back and forth on facebook the past couple of days. I mentioned something about hanging out again. Which prompted him to text my roomie to find out if I was single again. And guess what? I am.

He's taking me to see Jane Eyre tomorrow afternoon.


So, let's just do a little recap of our dates so far:
Velour-awesome, love indie rock
A viewing of Citizen Kane-when leaving the movie, I asked how he liked it, and he started drawing comparisons to Catcher in the Rye. Have I mentioned I'm a sucker for a guy who reads?
MOA exhibit opening-this is the one I had to turn down... I was really disappointed.

They say every relationship is a learning experience right? So from my last relationship, I've learned not to let things move to fast.
Normally I let the guy initiate the speed of our courtship. Mr. Ute happened to move very fast. It was all exciting, and I hadn't dated in awhile. So I just went with it. In the end, I don't think it was a mistake. He made me feel really good about myself. And I hadn't felt like that in a very long time.

This will be my third date with Egg Guy(man, what was I thinking. That is a horrible pseudonym.) I really like going out with him. The conversation always seems to flow pretty well. But I'm not going to jump into anything here.

We're going to go much much slower this time.

ciao lovelies,
-the Romantic

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