Boys on the Prowl

5/06/2011 The Charmer 1 Comments

I think that boys can sense when I've recently broken up with a boyfriend. I don't know if they were prowling at the edge of our relationship the whole time, just waiting for things to get rocky, or if maybe I have some sort of a scent I give off that says, I'm single! Ask me out! (You know, like pheromones. Or something)

All I know is that literally the second I'm single, boys I haven't talked to in ages start to text or Facebook chat me. I suddenly find myself with scores of voicemails from guys asking if I'm free on Friday night.

Well, I recently broke up with my boyfriend. And the men of Provo have taken note.

The first guy pounced even before The Ex and I had actually broken up. This guy, The Boy Downstairs, was actually someone I'd had a major crush on before The Ex and I got together. But, he never made a move.

Until now.

We were Facebook chatting (the whole "How did finals go?" "When are you moving out?" small talk) when I accidentally (or not so accidentally...?) mentioned that things weren't going so well with The Ex. The Boy Downstairs then decided to confess that he'd always thought about asking me out. Well, why didn't you?! When we finished chatting, he threw in a little, "Well, I hope I see you soon!"

So now, the question is... Will The Boy Downstairs muster up enough courage to ask me on a date? After all, he didn't before. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see.

But The Boy Downstairs isn't the only boy on the prowl. On Tuesday, I took my dinner break at work and found out that I had 2 new voicemails to listen to.

Fantastic! I thought. I love it when I get phone calls.

The first was from a guy in my new ward who we'll refer to as Mr. Potter, since he made reference to Harry Potter in a Facebook message he sent me. (He was reprimanding me for running off after FHE on Monday before he had a change to get my number. An excerpt from the message:
But when I turned my back for two seconds to retrieve my phone, you decided to vanish quicker than Harry Potter through the floo powder network. So...I had to resort to more extreme measures. If I could get a phone, pager, or fax number, I'll be able to better coordinate the aforementioned rendezvous.)

He was calling to invite me out to lunch. How nice of him.
Then, I listened to the second voicemail...and bam! It was another boy, asking if he could take me out to dinner!

So yesterday I had two dates. Lunch with Mr. Potter and dinner with another fine gentleman we'll call Mr. Pre-Med.

And I can promise you that things are just starting to get exciting.

The Charmer

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Heidi said...

wow, some girls have all the luck, lol. I'm assuming all this attention is a good thing right? Have fun! :)