And a Quick Update as Well

5/14/2011 The Charmer 0 Comments

I figured while I was here, I might as well update you on my progress/lack of progress with The Boy Downstairs.

So I messaged him and gave him my number. He responded and told me he'd call me tomorrow.

That was 4 days ago. He has yet to call.

Maybe you were right, Kyle. Maybe he's not actually interested in pursuing me.

Ho hum.

He's only here for 2 more weeks before his big Europe trip. I guess we'll see what happens.

I do, however, have a date today with a guy from my old ward. When he first moved into the ward during fall semester, he was actually one of the first people who caught my eye. My roommate and I affectionately referred to him as "Cute James." (Although we actually didn't, we called him "Cute [insert his name here]." But I know this boy likes to travel the Blogosphere, and I wouldn't put it past him to discover The Anti-Austen.) However, we both ended up dating other people and nothing ever happened between us. We did have quite a few good conversations near the end of the semester, though.

Oh, look at that. He's calling me right now.

He asked me, "Hey, what's up?" I wanted to say, "Oh, nothing, I'm just writing about you under a pseudonym on a dating blog." Hahahahaha. But I didn't. Obviously. :)

Anyways, he'll be here in five minutes. I'd better head out. But I suppose we can add him to the "Prospects" List. (Mr. NextDoor is on the "No offense, but never in a million years" list)

Have a lovely Saturday,
The Charmer

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