A date with Jane

5/13/2011 The Romantic 3 Comments

Wednesday afternoon sneaked up on me.
I glanced up briefly at my window whilst talking to my roomie and saw Egg Guy walking around the 2nd floor of my complex, clearly lost. I ran into my room to grab a sweater, no time to even fix myself up a little bit while he called to ask me where I live again.

We went to the 3:30 showing of Jane Eyre, having most of the theater to ourselves.

But something was different. I don't know if I make him nervous. Or maybe he's just not interested any more. He seemed really distant. He didn't even lean closer to me at all during the movie.

He then dropped me off promptly after the movie was over.

One funny thing that did happen: Right as I reached for the door knob during the door step scene, Guitar Hero walked out of my apartment. Which is fine because we're friends. It would have been awkward if anyone walked out of my apartment's door. But since you all know about Guitar Hero, I thought you might appreciate that little bit.

I tried texting him later. But he didn't respond.

I feel like my mojo is off.

It's ok though, because I've started on the mission papers. Are you as excited for that as I am?

And there's lots of cute boys in my ward. Like the half-Japanese kid with the amazing brown skin. Or the lacrosse player who paints.

Have a fun weekend lovelies!
-the Romantic

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Heidi said...

How was the movie?

The Romantic said...
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the Romantic said...

The movie was great. Not quite up to Pride and Prejudice standards. But Mr. Rochester was FANTASTIC! (and attractive to boot)