5/21/2011 The Charmer 4 Comments

So after much coercing, I FINALLY got The Boy Downstairs to ask me on a date.

Okay, okay. It wasn't like I forced him to ask me on a date. If he hadn't wanted to, I don't think he would have. But I was working under a time constraint--remember, his upcoming Europe trip? I had to be a little bit forward. So, I messaged him with my number. Then I may have gotten on his case when he didn't call me.

But he finally called, and tonight was our date.

And it was awesome.

The date itself wasn't anything extraordinary (no skydiving), but I had such a good time with him. It was the kind of date that makes it impossible to stop smiling afterwards. I can't remember feeling this way after a date since my first date with The Ex over a year ago.

Afterwards, he even gave me the whole, "We need to do something before I leave!"

Because on Saturday, The Boy Downstairs leaves for Europe until August.

I have one week. One week to win this boy over.

My life should be a movie.

With a contended (yet bittersweet) sigh,
The Charmer

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Anonymous said...

Good luck! you should write to him while he's in Europe or something :)

Camille said...

skype dates!

Dave said...

What did he do on the date? I need me some stellar ideas.

The Charmer said...

Hey Dave, sorry it's been over a month since I saw your comment. Hopefully you didn't need that stellar date idea soon...haha.

Actually, my date with The Boy Downstairs wasn't a particularly extravagant just went really well because he was easy to talk to and we really clicked. We went to this park over by WalMart and fed the ducks/people-watched, then stopped by WalMart to pick up materials to make these oatmeal cookie brownie things. Then we went back to his apartment and made the brownies. Like I said, it wasn't anything crazy. It was just relaxed and fun.

But if you're looking for some good date ideas...