What Excellent Boiled Potatoes

5/17/2011 The Romantic 2 Comments

I've known this was coming for awhile now. I've actually been anticipating a date would come since this happened.

I've tried not to be overtly friendly. Never rude mind you. But one must be careful with boys like these, otherwise they get the wrong idea.

(I suppose I should mention here that he's thought the Eccentric One had a thing for him for a long time...She never did)

So Mr. Collins calls me last night and asks me to go out for an ice cream cone on Saturday night. So nothing too bad. Or too long. Hopefully. I did mention that I want to go to the ward activity Saturday night.

I have such a hard time with marathon dates. Even if it's with boys I like.

Speaking of boys I like, we finally had a smaller FHE last night. And the boy who gave the lesson absolutely melted my heart. European Studies major. Hollah! After he was done giving the lesson I leaned over to my roomie and whispered, "Gah! I'm such a sucker for the Thoreau types." To which she whispered back, "I know. And I was thinking the exact same thing."

I finally found out his last name, and promptly proceeded to look him up on facebook (yes, yes, I facebook stalked him). And then before I knew it, my roomie wrested my computer from my hands (while I halfheartedly attempted to stop her) and sent a friend request.

That's a start right?

-the Romantic

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Rachel said...

i love the title of this post

Heidi said...

nice! I'm curious to know what the latter guy looks like, especially since I'm actually planning on majoring in European Studies when I transfer to BYU this winter.