The Lingering Glance

5/17/2011 The Charmer 3 Comments

I don't know about you, but when I was in high school I loved looking at relationship "how-to" articles online. I'm almost embarrassed to admit it now, but I was obsessed with reading WikiHow and other similar sites to find out how to make boys fall in love with me.

I realize now that most of the advice was either bogus or something I could have figured out on my own. Whatever. I had fun at the time. But I have always remembered one particular piece of advice that appeared on a lot of the sites, even though I've never actually utilized it.

Have you heard of "the lingering glance?" How about "sticky eyes?" Well, here's how this tactic works.

You notice a guy across the room from you and you happen to look at him at the exact moment he also looked at you. The automatic response is to get bashful and quickly turn away when this happens. But don’t do it! Be gutsy! Look into his eyes when he catches you staring. Once you two have each other locked, flash a slight smile. Then turn your head away, but let your eyes "stick" on him. Make sure your eyes are the last part of your face to turn away. This lets him know you’re interested, and if he feels the same way, he’ll know it’s OK to come over.

So I may or may not have practiced this tactic in my room when I was 16. But I never actually used it on a guy. Until Saturday night...

...and it WORKED!

I was at a party, which was actually hosted at Mr. Potter's house, when I noticed this kid across the room looking at me. At first, I thought I'd kind of look away and pretend like I hadn't noticed, but then I thought Hmm, why not see if I can get him to come over here? No one else is talking to me. And I proceeded to try out the lingering glance. I held that eye contact. I gave him a slight smile and I pretended my eyes were as sticky as molasses as I turned my head away.

He promptly jumped up from the couch and literally crawled over people to get to me.

Ladies, I am proof that the lingering glance works.

I dare you to try it out. And let me know if it works for you.

Ta ta,

The Charmer

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Heidi said...

This post made me laugh. Good work!

Rebekah said...

If only I had somewhere to try this!

Court said...

If this was a Facebook post, I would definitely "like" it. Hilarious, thanks for sharing ;)