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The Boy Downstairs is being frustrating.

First off, he doesn't actually live downstairs anymore, so I don't run into him on a regular basis like I used to. I moved apartments at the end of the semester and he (sort of) moved, too. I actually think he's alternating between living in his car and bumming around friends' apartments because he's leaving in a couple of weeks to go to Europe. It's a lifestyle I don't really understand.

But despite the fact that he's homeless, he's still cute, and I'm still interested.

Unfortunately, in addition to being homeless, he is also CLUELESS.

He commented on my Facebook status the other day and said something along the lines of, "Hey, let's hang out before I leave for Europe!"

Then ask me on a date already, you buffoon!

For some reason, despite our many run-ins when he actually did live downstairs and our subsequent Facebook conversations, the Boy still hasn't asked me for my number. But he even confessed that he was interested in asking me out before the Ex and I got together. And he's still expressing interest. But he's not doing a thing about it.

So here's my question, readers...particularly those of you who are male.

Is it way too forward of me to just send him an email that says, "Hey, let's ACTUALLY do something before you leave for Europe instead of just talking about it! Here's my number. Give me a call already!!!"

(Minus the last sentence of course).


With a frustrated sigh about the cluelessness that sometimes characterizes boys,

The Charmer

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Ryan said...

No, it's not too forward. I would be delighted to see something like that in my inbox one day. Go for it!

David said...

Or better yet, stalk him using the Student Directory (assuming he's a BYU student) and call him. That'll really creep him out. Or get his number from the other boys down stairs. That would be less creepy.

Kyle Mathews said...

I really doubt he's so clueless that he doesn't know you want him to ask you out.

Two other possibilities:
1) he actually isn't that interested, just a perennial flirt.
2) he's interested but with his trip to Europe and other possible uncertainties he's avoiding pursuing you right now. For some guys, it takes a lot of energy to seriously pursue someone.

Anonymous said...

Just do it!!

Just make it simple. Respond to his comment or message him, referring back to the comment he left, and say something like "Yeah, we should hangout. Call me XXX-XXX-XXXX."

That will give him enough of a push in the right direction.

Or you can even just ask him "What's your number?" Get it and then call him to make plans yourself.

Honestly we guys are so "go with the flowish" we'll do anything planed for us :P