I haven't been very fair.

5/07/2011 The Romantic 2 Comments

Have you heard this song? It's currently one of my very favorites. I would like to dedicate to Mr. Advice and Sweater Guy.

However, listening to this song has made me realize I've been way to harsh on Mr. Ute.
He keeps texting me.
And I keep getting annoyed.
I'm just not a texting communicator. If you want to talk to me, CALL ME.

But then I realize how attached I've been to my ex-boyfriends, even months after we broke up. Granted, I dated Mr. Advice and Sweater Guy for months, rather than two and a half weeks. And talked marriage with both of them.
But I'm going to be more sensitive I decided.

That's all.

-the Romantic

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Heidi said...

I'm the same way with texting. I hate having texting conversations. it feels so impersonal and usually i have more to say than can be said in a text.

Allie said...

What song were you referring to?