Officially Unofficial Decisions

5/09/2012 The Closer 1 Comments

If I were to base my life decisions on blog comments alone, I would have no choice but to pursue Mr. Manager. It turns out the readers (or at least the commenters) of this blog are pro tall girl-short boy dating. I have to admit that your confidence is a little infectious and I'm considering this option on an increasing basis. What seems to be the greatest hurdle is that I'm not the only one who will have to overcome that hurdle. He's never expressed interest in dating significantly taller girls, and certainly doesn't seem to express clear interest in me. I will mention that at a ward activity recently, he and I were talking and I must have said something hilarious (of course, right?), so he laughed and said "Closer, what are we going to do when one of us gets married and we don't get to hang out anymore?". That may or may not have tugged on my heart strings a little.

So my official decision for now, is that I'm not deciding anything.

In other news... I've been keeping in much closer contact with The Lone Wanderer. Remember how he came into town and it was so fun and I was really excited, and then he left town and basically died? Well, he came back into town a few weeks ago, and was here for about 10 days. He spent a few days with family in Salt Lake, but the rest of his time, he spent with me. There was much quality time spending occurring. Which is my number two love language.  By the time he left I had mentally prepared myself for a drop off of contact again, and had decided that being friends, maybe even close friends, would be a good thing. Especially because he's all the way in Oregon now, aka, too far.

But lo and behold, contact did not drop off. I have to admit, it has been a ton of fun keeping in contact with him, and he's been way more diligent about staying in touch than the last time. There's been fun witty-banter-texting going on just about every day, and one or two phone calls per week. My goodness, let me just take a moment to mention how funny this guy is, he has me cracking up every day. I love it.

He is certainly not the emotionally expressive type, so conversation is always fun, lighthearted, and mildly flirtatious. It's great because it's just enough to keep a door open to possibilities if situations were to change, but it's nothing significant enough to feel like pressure for either one of us, or cause us to get too emotionally attached without the balance of in-person interaction.

So my official decision for now, is also that I'm not deciding anything.

Yours Truly,

The Closer

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Work it, girl.