The RM's Key Indicators

5/24/2012 The Romantic 1 Comments

FACT: Missionaries make goals.

FACT: During my convalescence, I've had a lot of time on my hands.

FACT: With aforementioned extra time on my hands, I may have made some dating goals borrowing guidelines from the missionary planner/PMG (see chapter 8 for a more thorough discussion of a missionary's key indicators).

Your purpose is to invite others to come unto you and be married. Key indicators have been invented by me, to help you focus on your purpose. When you focus on these goals, you help others come unto you to build a long and lasting relationship for eternity. 

Suitors with a temple date: This goal should probably always just be set for one.
Progressing Suitors: Are you making contact throughout the week? Are they keeping keeping commitments and still agreeing to meet with you?  
Referrals: (This one is pretty self-explanatory right?) Numbers received from friends. 
New Potential Suitors: Meet someone new? Did you have a conversation? Would you like to see them again? Count 'em.
Dates: Planned out. Paid for. Paired off.
Dates with a friend present: This goal includes any double, triple or group dates. "Hanging out" does not fall under this category and should not be counted unless the event is planned in advance, paired off, and paid for by the party that did the asking.

These weekly goals above should be set and evaluated once a week. 

Goals that should be set and evaluated daily include, but are not excluded to: 
Dates: See weekly goals for a description of this item.
Other dates: Pseudo dates... A hanging out turned into something general authority approved (see item above. Maybe not planned ahead, but paired off, and paid for)
Referrals: See weekly goals
New Potential Suitors: See weekly goals.

 This post is dedicated to my trainer... No, we don't do comp inventory anymore. But we might as well. Now go out and slay some men sistah.

-the Romantic

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As an RM, I've definitely talked like this before, but I've never written it out so perfectly. This is fantastic. You are fantastic.