The Not-So-Lone Wanderer

5/23/2012 The Closer 5 Comments

I have been grinning from ear to ear all week. I have also had somewhere between one and three excited-giggle-fests with my roommates.

The Lone Wanderer is most certainly in the throws of twitterpation with The Closer, and The Closer is feeling quite mutually about him.

You know that feeling when a guy says something super sweet to you and you blush and get grin on your face that you can't seem to wipe off? That's been me, at least five times day, for the past week. I would have never guessed that this guy would be the kind to say the completely adorable things that he does.

I ended up finding out that he has liked me all along, but because of the distance he kept himself from doing anything about it. Apparently he could only resist for so long. He said he finally decided that the distance wasn't enough of a reason not to try and see if this goes somewhere. I'd have to say I agree. What are the odds out of all the guys in Provo, things start to materialize with one who doesn't even live here. I have to admit, the distance is such a downer sometimes. Boy would I love to get to spend some time with him in person...



...and that's why we're meeting up in Idaho this weekend!

That's right. What started as some flirtatious joking, turned into "we should definitely do this", and I am using great amounts of willpower to contain my excitement. Oh goodness. He has admitted to significant excitement levels as well. He told me to "prepare to be wooed". Do I even have a chance of not being a puddle of putty in his hands? Probably not.

Wish me luck.

Yours Truly,

The Closer

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The Charmer said...

Ohh, I love this! I am practically hyperventilating with excitement for you! Have a fabulous weekend!

The Charmer

The Lady said...

Yahoo! Pleased to know that something is happening for one of us. Ha! "Prepare to be wooed."

The Lady

Anonymous said...

Yay!!!! I hope it's awesome!!

Sarah said...

I am excited for this. I think it is good to have a lot of real contact if you are interested in starting a relationship. I met this guy and then long distance instant messaging and stuff for a while. You forget they way they are for real and start making up a "voice" for them. Then when you actually get together I was a bit disillusioned. Sorry this is getting long. In short, I am excited for you and hope you have fun!

Maxiebob said...

Totally agree with Sarah. Met someone online and we got to know each other to the point of "texting" over twitter DM and gchat almost constantly. However when we decided nothing could happen till we met in the flesh, things fizzled and the real-life encounter was nearly as swoon-inducing as I'd hoped. Have a good head on your shoulders and see where this will take you!