'It’s such happiness when good people get together"

5/28/2012 The Blue Stocking 2 Comments

Do you remember the guy I mentioned in my last post? Well let’s give him a name because I’m starting to think he may be making a more permanent stay in my summer. His name will be Jack for reasons if explained would reveal us both.

Last night after ward prayer I felt the need to forfeit everyone else’s company, but my own. I found the perfect swing located near our apartment building and so I sat and slowly pushed myself back and forth. I almost didn’t hear him come up, but there he was. He smiled and took a seat next to me. The chair was by no means large, but it was nice to sit close to him; it felt natural.

Then we started talking about anything and everything as we continued to methodically swing. The conversation went from bands to books to theories and briefly hit on sewing…it was as bizarre as the circumstance we found ourselves in. A couple of hours later our silence was broken by friends coming to join our little party.

It was then that I realized what had just happened and in true Blue Stocking fashion I freaked out and I got out.I quickly made a lame excuse and left with the promise that we would finish our discussion at some later time.

Don’t you love those conversations that you leave not knowing the other person’s major, home town, or job. Those conversations where you never had time to focus in on the awkward ice-breaking basics because you were too entranced in a conversation filled with personality and wit. Those conversations are what I find myself living for and I for one loved last night as much as I hated it. I can’t quite figure out why situations scare me like this. I guess I’m a romantic in theory. I really need to get over that.  

Happy Memorial Day.

-The Blue Stocking

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Eva said...

I love conversations like that! I think you should give Jack a shot, he sounds wonderful :)

Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Bingley will do with this new development? ha ha keep us updated!