The Unfortunate Organ Incident - The Tale of an Unaccomplished Woman

5/06/2012 The Romantic 4 Comments

Last Sunday I experienced the "delight" of being the only speaker to show up for Sacrament meeting, with the giant monkey on back of teaching gospel doctrine for the first time.
If there were words to explain the nervousness I felt, then I would insert them here. But I fear none have quite yet been invented. But you can imagine, right?
But as I sat stewing on the stand before the meeting started, I realized that this would be the perfect opportunity to talk to Teddy, the organ playing wonder of the ward.
I donned my best smile, flipped my hair, and may have even let myself bat an eyelash or two. I was quite determined to make a come-back in the flirting business, as all my previous attempts post-mission have yielded no fruit (as it were).

"So," I said, adopting the most coquettish voice I have in my repertoire, "I'm just so curious, where did you learn to play the organ?"

"Well, the Bishop asked me about a year ago to learn. I played the piano before. I would practice about 10 hours a week," he answered.

"Wow. That's really cool!" I really was rather impressed.

And then came the question I hate: "SO, do you play?"

"No, I'm not musical at all." The little voice inside my head wanted to pipe up with But I do appreciate a good tune!! After facebook stalking you, I think we could have a lot in common; musically speaking.

And then came his unfortunate quip; with all the underlying tones of any comment from Fitzwilliam Darcy (not the charming Darcy at the close of P&P, but the aloof and critical Darcy from the assembly hall dance). 

"Well, that's what everyone says. Until they actually try." He then promptly went back to serenading the gathering congregation with his beautiful prelude music without another word to me.

The tone in his voice said enough. You aren't musical? Therefore I am not impressed. See picture below for the expression of horror at my unaccomplishments.

Being tri-lingual and a writer isn't enough for some people I suppose.

But there is always hope! I am back in Provo for the week and I echo the words of my pioneer forebearers when I say, "All is Well!" The men here have proven to me that my elbow grabbing and eye batting techniques are not broken from disuse. A little rusty, but not broken.

Stay tuned next time for Asian Connection: How the Romantic Got Her Groove Back

-the Romantic 

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Anonymous said...

Well, as a organ player and pianist, it's very difficult to talk and play at the same time. They do it movies all the time, but those people are usually not playing in real life. Some people are amazing and talented enough to talk and play the keyboard at the same time, but for most people it is really hard. So keep your hopes up! Maybe he stopped talking because he was trying to concentrate on the notes. Don't try to predict what is going on his head and don't beat yourself up!

Anonymous said...

Ah, I usually get the flip side. "Oh you don't play sports? Band/piano huh. Um, cool." At least it was a bigger deal in high school and occasionally at BYU that my limited athletic abilities have been unfortunate. So I kinda get the feeling.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha haaa! I love that picture! I totally get how you felt. Mine was always the sports side too though, like Anonymous #2. I just hope Anonymous #1 up there is right--because it's true! It IS super hard to talk to someone and play at the same time. We three Anonymous's should band (HA!) together or something. :D

Anonymous said...

Amen #3! I glad to see there are others like me. Perhaps we can be an anonymous piano trio?