How Short is Too Short?

5/03/2012 The Closer 7 Comments

My dating life has been in a lull for the past few weeks. I have noticed that when this happens, I begin to be much more rational in my evaluation of "potential mates", and I notice guys that I might not have otherwise. In this particular instance, I have been trying to decide if I should consider Mr. Manager more seriously. Mr. Manager and I get along splendidly. Every time we spend time together it is a blast. It's typically also intellectually stimulating, caring, and genuine.

I may get excited about various boys easily, but I rarely continue to be impressed by them. Mr. Manager impresses me consistently. He is hard working, honest, bold, handsome, funny, light-hearted, and spiritually deep rooted. He is also five inches shorter than me.

I have mentioned before that height is a challenge for me in dating, like with Happy McSmiles. I am 6'1'', and easily taller than the majority of men I meet. I've been in relationships with guys as short as 5'11'', but I don't think I have ever been interested in someone under 5'10'' before.

Mr. Manager is 5'8''.

We would be an odd looking couple, definitely. Hugging him sometimes makes me feel like I am emasculating him, but I can't stop thinking about how if he was just a few inches taller, I would very much be interested in him.

I am having trouble overcoming this hurdle. I also don't even know if this is something he would be open to. We joke all the time about how we could never date because of the height difference, and I don't even know if there is any inkling of interest for him towards me. Right now all I know is that I think he is a stellar dude, and also that he is short, quite short..

What would you do? If 5 inches worth overcoming?

Yours Truly,

The Closer

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Sarah said...

Oooh, this is actually a really tough situation. Many girls may not understand, but as a tall (relatively tall, shorter than you. You win) girl myself, I always had a hard time considering guys too much shorter than myself. I didn't ever feel too bad about it though, because often guys shorter than I had a tough time considering me. It wasn't that I was unattractive or had a ghoulish personality, they simply wanted society's stereotype where they are larger than their girl. I say don't rule him out entirely, but don't pursue him unless you know for sure you would want him as your boyfriend. Maybe ease up on the "We could never date" jokes, or if it comes up again say something like, "Actually, our kids would be the perfect height, so we could be doing humanity a favor." Or possibly something funnier than that :) Good luck!

Juichi said...

I've been repeatedly told by happily married people I trust that any potential spouse will have major problems. The question is which major problems one is willing to live with. Personally, height is one of the "problems" I'd be least likely to mind.

Summer said...

Well, from the way you describe him, he sounds like an amazing guy. My initial reaction would be, "Go for it!" However, if you personally feel that you can't be attracted to someone that much shorter than you, don't try to force it. Physical attraction is often difficult to control, and without it a romantic relationship is rather difficult. But keep an open mind about it- you never know what might happen! :)

JanelleM said...

Think of how grateful he'd be to be married to someone who can change a lightbulb without a step stool.

Anonymous said...

I happen to be a guy who's 5'8". If I had a nickel for everytime I've been told. 'You're cute and definately boyfriend material, I'd totally date you if you were two inches taller." I could be two inches taller by gluing thos nickels to the bottom of my shoes. If he's comfortable with his height you shouldn't care about it. (Insert random tangent about girls being just as shallow as guys here; I'm lazy and don't feel like mustering up a ridiculous tirade today.)

Anonymous said...

Well, with your height, you're probably going to have this same hurdle no matter what. I think you should just hump it and not look back.

It's not the outside that counts.

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming the last anonymous meant "jump it"....