When it Rains it Pours

5/17/2012 The Closer 3 Comments

I have been so excited to blog this week, but yesterday just came and went before I knew it, so hopefully you don't mind hearing from two three Austens in one day.

My first bit of exciting news is about Happy McSmiles. He's the one who I thought was flirting with me for a solid couple of months, but never did anything. Then he made a comment about not being comfortable dating taller women and I decided that he did not like me after all. The past couple of weeks he had been texting me a little bit more, and I just figured he was being nice, because I'd fallen for that before. Then this past Friday he asked to hang out, but I had plans (An invite to a hang out on the day of? Didn't seem like something to get too worked up over.).

Then again on Sunday he text messaged me asking what my Mother's Day plans were. My family is out of state so I just had a couple little things going on, so he invited me to join him for dinner... at his family's house.

My initial reaction was to say no- because it was only two hours before dinner and he and I hadn't even been on a date, I wasn't ready to get to know his whole family, and meeting families stresses me out. Finally I decided that I had no good reason not to just bite the bullet and go. Turns out, his family is super nice. His mom made me feel right at home, and all his siblings are younger so they were talking about high school drama and the like, it was so fun being around kids again. At one point his mom let it slip that Happy had been talking about me the night before and she told him that he should invite me for dinner. I think Happy got a little embarrassed by that, but I thought it was sweet, and again, made me glad I came. Things have been quiet from him since then, but I'll see him tonight at Place, so I guess we'll see what happens there.

Now the other bit of exciting news, is a little more exciting, and is about The Lone Wanderer. Last week I mentioned how we had started talking more than the first time he left. All this week it has been steadily increasing. We'll send fun text messages throughout the day, and he's called me almost every day the last week. He also keeps telling me that I should come out so that we can hike and camp all around the area he's at in Oregon (Mmm hmm... "camp and hike"). Gradually our conversations have been getting more and more flirtatious, to the point where there is no doubt in my mind that he is interested in me. Insert excited giggle here. Last night we were texting before I went to sleep and the last text he sent made my heart smile...

"Throughout the day I'm constantly in and out of my truck. The first thing I do when I get in my truck is check to see if the green light is blinking on my phone...if its green you sent me a text. If its green, I smile."

Oh my goodness. Adorable. Why can't this boy be in Provo?

Yours Truly,

The Closer

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The Lady said...

Bah! That gave me the rush of excitement that I needed! So thank you for letting me live vicariously through your rushes.

-The Coquettish Lady

Anonymous said...

I want a text like that! I like this Lone Wanderer more and more every time you post! And I check this blog multiple times a day even though I know no one has posted, just in hopes that you want to surprise me. 3 in one day is the best thing ever! What about you Lady? You gonna post today? :D

Sarah said...

Both gentlemen sound great. I think Happy McSmiles is sweet. And who wouldn't get weak at the knees after a text like that. Lone Wanderer has a romantic side.