Merrily We Roll Along

5/17/2012 The Charmer 2 Comments

Wow. I can't believe I totally spaced my posting day again. It's probably because I was at the doctor getting hepatitis shots. Yuck!
But a couple shots and one TB test later...I passed my pre-mission doctor's appointment. Phew! My dental exam is scheduled for today.

In other words, I am well on my way to getting these papers in. 

Seriously though...look at all those little check marks. I'm so close!!

I am also well on my way to finishing my undergraduate education, which is something that I never (really) thought would happen. It's like turning 21. When I was 12 years old I didn't really think I'd ever be 21. And now I am only a few months away from being 22! What an old woman I've become. (I'm kidding. Obviously)

In other news, I am totally over dating. (I also never thought that would happen)
I have absolutely no desire to go on dates with anyone...except, of course, Mr. Director.

But since we're not "technically" dating right now, I accepted a date a couple weeks ago with a boy I've known for a while.

It was miserable.

Okay, so maybe "miserable" is too intense of a word. It wasn't the worst date I've ever been on...but I just really didn't enjoy myself. I tried. I really did. But I just wasn't feelin' it. And I accidentally/on-purpose have not yet responded to his Facebook message asking if I want to do something else with him. Heh. Whoops.

I guess if I had to describe my lack of dating motivation in one sentence, it would be this:
I still love Mr. Director and I'm going on a mission.

In other words, I don't care about dating. At all.
Who needs boys, right?

Mr. Dir and I continue to roll along with our strange undefined relationship. I still see him basically every day, especially since we're in a show together and so we get to spend lots of quality time at rehearsals.

But despite the strangeness of ending school and the confusion that constitutes my dating life, I am one happy little charmer! I am so excited about this summer! I have my show at the beginning of the summer, camp counseling for 6 or 7 weeks straight (and since one of the camps is in my home state, I'll be able to pop in at home for a few days), and then hopefully near the end of August I'll be leaving to an unknown location for 18 month! (Although I suppose I might have to pop back into Provo first. The whole MTC business.) I really am excited about chasing teenagers around all summer and I'm especially excited about the prospect of serving a mission! Life is good for this little (soon-to-be) college grad!

Love and kisses,
The Charmer

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Emery Scott said...

Congratulations on deciding to serve a mission! It was the BEST decision I ever made! So many good stories--the ones that make you feel the spirit, but also the ones that make you laugh so hard you can't breath, and the ones that make you cry.

The Introvert said...

Remember me? I'm putting in my papers soon, and I feel exactly the same way. Except all my relationships (or lack thereof) are defined. At least I won't be distracted.