How the Romantic Got Her Groove Back

5/11/2012 The Romantic 4 Comments

I arrived in Provo Friday night, ready to resume the Provo dating game.

Miracle upon miracle occurred, and I didn't even have to bat an eyelash or touch any elbows to get hit on.

The first guy I met on Friday night practically attacked me with his enthusiasm: "You served a mission in Korea? I served in Taiwan. We should totally go out to eat Korean while you're here. Let's make this week a party." Ok Giddy Gary, I just met you 10 minutes ago. The attention is nice, but it's almost been a year since anyone's flirted with me and I don't think I can handle it.

And then there was Hans, the boy who served his mission in Switzerland. When I find out that juicy tidbit of information, I countered with a genius remark, "OoOo, Switzerland? What's your favorite kind of cheese?" I think somehow my quirky charm worked on him, because after we left his apartment, my roomie turned to me and said, "I think he thinks you're cute." I'm pretty sure a boy hasn't thought I was cute in a year! THIS IS FANTASTIC NEWS! 

And then there was tonight, where all my new found self-confidence took a little bit of a tumble. I was meeting up with some of my MTC teachers (including the one I accidentally asked to kiss me... it's a bit of a long story....there was cold medicine involved). The dinner went great! And I even redeemed myself from the parenthetically aforementioned most embarrassing moment of my ENTIRE life. But then came the awkward hug as we said goodbye. My room mates have been re-enacting it all night. Did he give me a full frontal hug while I a feeble one armed noodle hug back?

Yes. Yes I did.

Now, our findings on whether or not my dear ole' MTC teacher is dating someone were inconclusive. But, suffice it to say, if the opportunity ever comes round for a hug again, I will make sure my arms are significantly less noodle-ly.
Yours affectionately,
the Romantic  

"I like Gouda" (via)

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Sarah said...

Okay, PLEASE share the kissing story. It sounds way too good to not share!

Anonymous said...

Agreed Sarah, agreed! I would love to hear that story!

Heidi said...

ditto :)

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