Falling in like with The Lone Wanderer

3/15/2012 The Closer 3 Comments

Wow- I can't believe it's already the middle of March, one more Pi Day come and gone!

My tale today is about The Lone Wanderer. Do you remember how I went on a weekend hiking trip with a big group and was (originally) excited to spend time with Captain Incredible (who is now dating my roommate)? Well, if you want you can go read that post, I didn't write much of anything about it, but I did meet The Lone Wanderer that weekend. He's a friend of Captain Incredible and lives in Arizona and met up to spend that weekend with us. Let me tell you, this guy is so... I can't think of a word better than rad. Example A: He rode. his. bike. from Florida to California, then hiked from San Diego to Canada, over the course of eight months. Legit. Example B: He taught me how to make a trap out of sticks and a rock.

I think he just might be Bear Grylls's nonidentical twin.

The Lone Wanderer is sort of the strong silent type, but once you get him talking he is incredibly clever and tells delightful stories. My crush on him didn't seem worth mentioning before because he lives out of state and there were no crazy fireworks of love between us, although there was both flirting and some (minimal) post-trip texting. Fast forward to this past weekend... He came into town for another weekend camping trip with Captain Incredible, and after they got back, he and I spent the entire day on Sunday together. Then we met up for lunch on Monday before he left. All of that time together was splendid. We laughed, we conversed, I dare even say we connected on a deeper level. Then he left (insert sad face here). We spent pretty much all of Tuesday texting, and plenty yesterday, but he's on another weekend trip with some boy scouts that started today (insert awww here), so that means no texting for a few days. (P.S. Does this man live outside?)

He will be spending the summer working in Idaho Falls, which is much closer than Arizona, and I wouldn't be surprised if he makes his way back here to Provo. We have yet to vocalize any kind of interest, there's just been lots of reasonably flirtatious interaction. I will admit, I have been in a pretttttty good mood since Sunday. I've always been pretty against trying to "date" long distance, so I guess what I am wondering with him, is whether or not it's worth it to try and pursue anything? Is it a bad idea to try and get to know someone/develop interest when you get to have so little interaction in person? Who knows, maybe he'll disappear into the woods for another few months and it will be a moot point. Either way, so far so fun!

Yours Truly,

The Closer

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Anonymous said...

You should go for it. One thing I have learned since getting home from my mission is never say never. I have done things since that I used to make fun of others for doing. Keep an open mind and you never know what might happen.I guess the only thing I can add now is to say that do get fully invested in the idea of dating him.

Mama Cheese said...

Dear Closer,
I am a former-feisty-young-lady turned Ancient Tiger Mama, but allow me to share advice from my own dear mother: EVERY relationship is worth pursuing, until you are certain it isn't. Meaning that it's definitely worth your time and effort to get to know the Lone Wanderer better. Text, talk (make him call you, though!) and even consider writing an old fashioned letter that he can read and re-read along the trail. One that is as lovely and inspiring as you are. If that, combined with your absence, doesn't make his heart grow fonder...don't worry. The cadre of other men who you have been encouraging in the meantime will fill in the slack for a slacker who drops out of the race for your heart.

Love your blog! Been following for quite some time now!

The Skeptic said...

Ooh, I love what Mama Cheese had to say. I've been wondering the same thing about a wonderful boy who is going off to grad school next year, while I still have a year left. Might as well give it a shot until it's proven to not work! I wish you the best of luck in your decision.