Peter Perfect

3/10/2014 The Blue Stocking 1 Comments

When I was a little girl I used to think that husbands were standard issue. All a girl had to do was go to college, graduate and as they handed you the diploma there he was; tall, handsome, and just for you.

I was both a naïve and creepy little girl.

Now I am a year out of BYU and no closer to the one. The biggest thing I learned is dating is hard. Like really hard. Like so hard you stop eating and stay up late writing to 300+ people you’ve never met.

Dating can also be occasionally fun. A rare fun moment went down last Friday and it involved Peter. Now the story of Peter began weeks ago, but since I never thought Peter would be a candidate in my love life I never mentioned him.

Now that begs the question, why was he never a candidate? Simple, he’s too good for me. I know it. My friends know it. Even my mother knows it. He’s that guy who is so nice that he has about 1,500 more friends than I do on FB, he will probably be a millionaire in the next two years, and he could very well end up as an apostle. 

So I went about our whole meet and greet as “hey here’s a really amazing guy that I’m going to be friends with.” He invited me to things, I went out of my comfort zone and invited him to things. It was all very casual.

Well Friday I was just going about my day when Peter sends me a perfectly worded text asking if I wanted to try out a new dessert place with him that night. I couldn’t feel my face. Literally. I couldn’t feel my face. I don’t even know what that means. Face paralysis?

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When I got the feeling back in the ol faceroo I splashed some makeup on just in time for the doorbell to ring. I ran to grab the door when it swung open and Peter came striding in like this was something he did every day (Think charming gent and not creepy home burglar). He introduced himself to my roommates and then led me to his car.  

On the date I was most struck by his confidence. I don’t think I’ve ever gone on a date with a guy who was genuinely confident. Most guys are either blissfully awkward or are desperately trying to make up for their nerves (AKA Smitie, The RM, Scooter…).

The forced confidence makes me the saddest. It’s pathetic watching a guy trying to make you think that he’s cool. It’s also ironic because I’m not cool. Which means seducing me with your façade of suave is always going to be the wrong approach.

Yes back to confidence, he had it and I liked it. As promised we tried a new frozen delight and he had me back at my door at exactly an hour and a half later. Exactly. The date was perfect except I was a little tooooo comfortable. I keep having the strangest feeling that going on a date with him was like going on a date with my brother.

A thought I wish had never swept through my mind because now I’ve been assaulted with dreams where my brother and I are forced to go on a date.

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-The Bluestocking

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Anonymous said...

I'd give it a continued shot. It is great that you are comfortable with him! And maybe the only guy you've been comfortable with before has been your brother so that is all you have for comparison but don't you want to be comfortable with your spouse? And I bet your feelings won't stay brotherly for long, he sounds like a great catch.