Eyes Wide Closed

2/26/2011 The Romantic 2 Comments

I hate myself for saying this, because to compare a real life person to Mr. Collins seems to me horribly cruel.

But I know everyone of us has had some encounters with real life Mr. Collinses.

The dear Mr. Collins of our ward is so very nice and kind, but I can't help raising my eyebrows a bit when I hear stories of his ketchup sandwiches and teletubbie references.

Last night, Mr. Collins asked me to dance at our stake dance. Which was fine, I didn't mind at all! I was happy to be dancing with someone, and not standing against the wall as I did during every slow song, during every stake dance in high school.

The only awkward part was how he closed his eyes for a good portion of the song. He led me around in a gentle circle, eyes shut, with a goofy, perfectly contented, half smile upon his pointed face... This went on for a good 30 seconds.

I smiled sheepishly to myself. Was this really happening? And for goodness sakes, what I was supposed to do while he stood there dancing with his eyes closed, smiling?

Am I destined to be as Charlotte, settling for a Mr. Collins while my Mr. Darcy never shows up?


I'm afraid I just don't love ketchup enough for that to ever happen.

Until next time lovelies,
-the Romantic

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Katri said...

so awkward!!! and guitar hero story below? wow...sometimes I hope people don't find my blog...or read it. but then again...if they don't like what I post...they can deal. course mine isn't anonymous like yours. btw love your blog :)
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Tabitha said...

I don't know how I missed this post, but it cracked me up. Keep waiting for a Darcy (or a Kinghtley)!