Reasons to Settle

1/19/2011 The Romantic 3 Comments

I'm finding settling in my marriage a more and more appealing idea lately.

For example, if I settle, I won't have to worry about pesky roomies sleeping at the oddest hours.

I won't have to fight to get into the shower in the morning.

I can make my hubby take out the trash, and I will do the dishes... It's the perfect agreement.

The pressure to look attractive everyday will be less.

So maybe he will be old. Maybe he will be a little homely...

But at this point, I really don't care anymore.

I'm on the search to find a man as desperate as I am...
I know you thought marriage to an older man would be a sacrifice dear Goya, but the above illustrated situation is looking quite appealing at this point of my college career.

-the (today anyway) UnRomantic

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Anna said...

Don't wait around for Mr. Perfect because you'll be waiting forever. Figure out what your "deal breakers" are, and the things you're willing to compromise. Marriage is about finding someone you want to grow with, not finding someone who is already finished.

The Romantic said...

Dearest Anna,

I agree that you are quite right. Ithink today I'm more tired having 5 room mates more than anything else. And I would like to have just one. Which isn't really a reason to get married at all. I know that. But that's just how I feel today.

-the Romantic

Anna said...

I know what you mean! One male roommate is a million times better than five female ones.