On Blind Dating and Co-Workers

4/13/2013 The Romantic 9 Comments

Do you ever see those ridiculously looking young girls on campus? And you think to yourself, "She looks 13." And then you see a wedding ring. It's a dreaded child-bride of Provo. Perhaps it's a little ageist, but my friends and I have taken to calling all young (like high-schooling looking) girls on campus child-brides.

When I finally made time to go on that blind date a couple weeks ago, I had no idea there was a male component to the "child-bride" set: "the child-groom." This kid was so young. I can't even call him a guy. He was just a wee little thing. I'm not even sure if he can shave yet. Poor kid. I felt the need to guard him like a tender young plant from my sarcasm. (I guess you don't really guard plants from sarcasm... but you get what I mean right?) 

I came home flabbergasted. "Where are the men!?" I shouted at my room mate. Is it possible I've grown too old for Provo? Are there only baby-faced men left in this town? I would really like to find a man that shaves. So at least some day in the future there might be the possibility of this.

Enter The Argentine. 

As his name would suggest, The Argentine is from Argentina. But don't worry, he speaks perfect English (with a rather attractive Spanish accent I might add). And we work together. I started at my place of employ last October, and I would say it's only been within the last two months or so that we've begun to have a playful banter. I've only cautiously flirted with him as I feel that one should always be wary of Latin men. (They do have a Willoughby-like reputation. Amirite?)

Admittedly, he's a bit rough around the edges. But there was the one day he brought me chocolate when I wasn't feeling well. So I think there's a soft gooey center under that gruff exterior shell. (Why are women so attracted to things like that?)

 A couple weeks ago he threw a bonfire party up the canyon. I pulled out my party tricks of palm-reading and fire-breathing (I was a gypsy in a previous life, don't even worry about it). I even flirted with a stranger and I think he flirted back. (RESULT!) Again, I was wary of flirting too much with The Argentine but quite suddenly I found myself dusting some powdered sugar (from the fire-breathing) off his shoulder, and that was it. His rippling muscles had me sold. I saw my room mates, who were standing near-by, giving me knowing looks.

Yesterday he texted me asking how I would feel about going out with him next week. My thoughts have been shifting between excitement and anxiety. Excitement because it's a real life man (not a child-groom) asking me out. And anxiety because it's a co-worker. I've never dated a co-worker. I just see so many things going wrong with that situation....

Have you dated a co-worker dear readers? What was your experience? Good/bad/awkward? Help me out!

-the romantic

I mean, it worked for them right?

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Emma Karen said...

Coworkers at BYU are totally ok to date. Just make sure you leave (or force the boy to leave) before you break up. Or keep it a secret from everyone.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I can feel your bitterness at young married people coming off in waves. I'm sure all those young looking girls are exactly 18 years old. There is zero possibility of a 20 something year old having a young looking face. People never look younger than their age. I also feel pretty bad for the young looking guy you went on a blind date with. He will probably never get married since he looks so young and that is the worst possible character trait a person can have. Poor chap. Dating a coworker is great until you break up. You just have to assess how okay you would be with regularly seeing an ex for extended periods of time and take that calculated risk if it's worth it to you. Best of luck.

A Guy said...

I'm not really sure where Anonymous got their data considering they didn't cite sources, but I was a 20-year-old who looked 17 or 18. Now at the ripe age of 25, people often say I look 22 or maybe 23. People definitely look younger than their age, otherwise they wouldn't "look young" to begin with.

Sarah said...

A Guy. Sarcasm. It's called sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

I have had the some of the worst experiences dating coworkers and the best. The worst are well below grade. I mean deep, dark, miserable holes full of nasty, slimy, crawling things that you wish you could pull rocks on top of your head.

Well for the best, I've been married to her for 25 years.

So go ahead make your choice and grow from the consequences. Dates are just that, dates. Two or three will help you decide, and if it does not work out don't worry. They were just dates and not dating.

Mr. Bennett

erin nicole said...

I love imagining that all anonymous commenters are the same person.

Anonymous said...

We are

Anonymous said...

It's funny that you wrote this because just yesterday someone asked me if I was old enough to go on a date. I just turned 23.

Anonymous said...

I'm a 26 year old Hispanic guy and I'm told I look 19-20 (and no I'm not the same anonymous person as any of the ones that have posted before me), so I guess I'm out of luck with girls closer to my age not wanting to date me :/ and then people give me a hard time when I go for 19-20 year olds whose ages I portray. Also, what's with the comment about how one "should always be wary of Latin men"? What's that supposed to mean?? It's girls with such a closed mindset that make it a lot harder for a Hispanic guy to have a cute girl for a girlfriend at BYU. For Hispanic men at BYU: you only have a chance at a cute girl if you're the only guy that's pursuing. But if at any moment a tall white guy comes along, you're done...all thanks to inconsiderate mindsets like that....