The Perfect Moment: A Guest Post from the Shy Guy

3/25/2011 The Romantic 4 Comments

Here’s a story to help you girls understand just a little better what us guys are thinking on our side of being friends/in a relationship.

So about a month ago I met a girl in my ward because we were put in to the same FHE group. I had never met her before because although we are supposed to know everyone in our ward she and I had different groups of friends we talked to at ward activities.

So I now find myself in her FHE group and it turns out that our whole family, except for me and a couple of her roommates really don’t come out for FHE. So that first night turns in to her and I just talking till I had to go for the night and as I was driving home I was thinking, “I might like this set up with our less active family” (not that I enjoy the thought of all those less active people, but you get the idea) The next week comes and this time not even her roommates can come, so I invite her over to my place to watch Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration. It was good of course, and we had ice cream afterward.

The next time I saw her was when she invited me to see a movie screening so I went with her to see it, it was funny and I honestly just enjoyed the fact that she invited me somewhere. So now it’s been about three weeks that I’ve known her and I haven’t asked her out on a real date yet, (yes, I’m mad at myself about that) but weird things happened each weekend I wasn’t doing much of anything with anyone. But she didn’t know that and I was thinking that my chance was slipping and maybe she was thinking I wasn’t that interested. (Girls, is that what you would think? Let me know.)

So another Monday comes and goes with just us, we sit in her apartment and talk about the scriptures for a while and then it turns to other things until it’s time for me to leave. So this week goes pretty well, we text a little each day, but it’s the next and most recent part that’s my favorite. So she invites me to a folk dance thing on campus, which sounds fun, I invite her to dinner first, and then we end up at the dance. It’s really meant for people that already know how to dance but she knew this before I got there, she sticks with me and teaches me the steps. We have a blast the whole time. There’s one dance that she doesn’t know and so we sit out on the side during that one. While we are sitting there she’s pointing out all her friends that are dancing past us but I’m not really listening cause I’m just looking at her and thinking how pretty she is and how much I wish I could tell her that.

That moment was perfect, she was just enjoying seeing her friends go by so her face was so natural and relaxed and the lighting was perfect, it was a like a scene from a movie or something. I hope I get the courage some day to tell her how I feel, I think I have a little bit of a chance, we’ll see.

Any way, there is my soap opera story. Sometimes us guys are just shy and don’t know how to tell girls what we think.

-the Shy Guy

How adorable is this post from one of our male readers?! I told him I wouldn't post this until he promised to ask her out. He said he was already working on it. As for my friday night plans... well, first i'm going to try and get over these pre-date jitters.

Have a lovely evening.

-the Romantic

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Anonymous said...

oh my goodness Shy Guy! If things don't work out with her, can I date you??!? K, kind of joking... but kind of serious...

Laura Anne said...

okay, this is adorable. I love this blog. Its been super good lately.

Heidi said...

This is so sweet! And Shy Guy, it may stink, but yes, if enough time goes by and a guy never actually asks a girl out on a date and nothing else really happens (hand holding, kissing...) there is a good chance she is going to be wondering what your intentions really are. I'm a girl, so i'm on the other side of the spectrum, but I am very shy too, so i understand. However, sometimes it is totally worth it to just step up and do what you need to do, no matter how nervous you are. Even if it's a little awkward, she will probably appreciate that you made a move.

Anonymous said...

I don't know...I'm shy (against my will,really, but the fact remains that my initial reaction when faced with a sudden social situation is to duck into the nearest broom closet (or Room of Requirement, whichever comes quickest)) and I think that if a boy invited me places and talked easily with me and listened...I would really be attracted to him. I would love to fall in love with my best friend, and if he's inclined first, and I might be, well, then that's one of my day dream scenarios. When I'm extremely rational. Go Shy Guy, I believe in you!